Sirf Tum 4th April 2022 Written Update

Sirf Tum 4th April 2022 Written Update

Sirf Tum 4th April 2022 Written Update: Sirf Tum written update

Today's Sirf Tum 4th April 2022 episode starts with Suhaani asking Ranveer to leave her house.

But Ranveer has no plans to leave Suhaani’s house so easily.

Ranveer gives a full lecture to Suhaani’s father, Rakesh, about how he has bounded Suhaani from realizing her dreams and made her get entangled in an unhappy marriage.

Rakesh falls silent and Ranveer keeps on speaking.

Ranveer compares Suhaani’s struggle as a girl with all the other girls of the society who are severely restricted by their parents and family.

As Ranveer keeps on speaking about how unhappy Suhaani is with Ansh, Suhaani’s mind drifts to several incidences where Ansh has forced her to do something or the other, against her wish.

Ranveer holds Suhaani’s hands and begins to lead her out but Sudha stops Suhaani.

Suddenly Rakesh speaks up and tells Sudha to let Suhaani go with Ranveer.

At Ranveer’s home, Mamta sees Asha talk sweetly to Ranveer.

Mamta gets hurt and confronts Asha. Asha tells Mamta that she is not a bad person.

However, Mamta is clear about Asha’s past and intentions.

Suhaani thanks Ranveer alone.

Suhaani tells Ranveer candidly that she thought Ranveer only helped her always to be closer.

Ranveer denies Suhaani’s claim and puts her hand on his beating heart.

He tells her that someone who is already in his heart, referring to Suhaani, does not need to be physically closer to her.

Ranveer also talks about the Mangal sutra Suhaani has and tells her she can come to him anytime if she wants to be with Ranveer forever.

The next day, Rakesh visits Suhaani at Ranveer’s house and is extremely morose.

He beats his head against a stone wall, worrying Suhaani.

Suhaani tries to calm Rakesh down but guilt and extreme emotion had riddled Rakesh.

Rakesh tells Suhaani that she is free to break her relations with Ansh if she is not happy.

Rakesh also appreciates Ranveer’s actions toward Suhaani and is a regretful father now to prefer societal respect over his daughter’s happiness in the past.

Suhaani feels happy and jumps on her spot.

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