Sirf Tum 6th April 2022 Written Update

Sirf Tum 6th April 2022 Written Update

Sirf Tum 6th April 2022 Written Update: Sirf Tum written update

Today's Sirf Tum 6th April 2022 episode starts with Vikrant walking in the corridor too swiftly.

Suhaani almost spills the water onto Vikrant’s coat but her defensive fingers save her from spilling the water on Ranveer's father’s coat.

Vikrant yells at Suhaani terribly.

Asha watches this all happen in the background. She wants to help Suhaani but is helpless.

Vikrant tells Suhaani that she need not roam around the entire house as she is just a renter.

This hurts Suhaani but she sucks back her tears. Just then, Ranveer shows up.

Ranveer throws water at Vikrant

He takes the glass of water from the tray Suhaani is holding and throws it on Vikrant’s coat.

Vikrant is rendered shocked by Ranveer’s actions.

Ranveer then advises Vikrant not to spill his misdirected anger onto just anybody.

Mamta then enters the scene and scolds Ranveer for his feat.

Mamta tells Ranveer candidly that he should learn to respect his father as Vikrant is Mamta’s husband too.

Suhaani brings up Riya 

The next day Ranveer meets Suhaani in the canteen to give back the phone she forgot in the house.

Suhaani is visibly irritated by Ranveer’s presence and ends up spilling Riya’s name out of her mouth.

Riya’s name catches Ranveer’s attention and he now understands the reason why Suhaani is irritated by him.

Ranveer tells Suhaani that the marriage proposal by Riya was a joke and even if it was serious, Ranveer would never agree to it.

Suhaani’s mouth falls open and she waits for Ranveer to continue.

Ranveer then looks into her eyes and lets Suhaani know that she is the only girl he loves and will ever love.

Ranveer seems a bit dejected as he mentions his unending loyalty toward Suhaani and she still has the nerve to believe in the nonsense that goes about.

Suhaani then asks Ranveer why he did not show up on their wedding night and Ranveer plainly leaves without answering.

Mamta visits Ranveer at College

On the other hand, Mamta encounters Ranveer’s uneaten food at the breakfast table.

Ranveer’s grandfather advises Mamta to talk to him in a gentler tone as Ranveer is too vulnerable and sensitive as a person.

Mamta nods in agreement and goes to Ranveer’s college.

When Mamta sees Ranveer on the college football field with a whistle in his mouth, she gets confused.

Ansh joins Mamta and reveals to her that poor Ranveer has been rusticated from the college and is now working as a football instructor.

Ranveer spots his mother across the field and sits with Mamta as she tends to Ranveer’s injured hand.

Ranveer then tells Mamta that he wants to save up money so Suhaani can achieve her dream of becoming a doctor.

Later, Mamta goes to Vikrant to inform him about Ranveer’s rustication. Vikrant knows this beforehand.

Vikrant tells Mamta that he wants Ranveer to handle his business empire and not become a doctor as Mamta desires.

Vikrant ends up humiliating Mamta as he tells her that Ranveer made a deal with Vikrant to let Suhaani, Ansh, and Asha stay only if Ranveer does not continue with his studies.

Suhaani and Mamta become a team

Suhaani’s heart beats fast hearing this and she talks to Mamta the next day.

Suhaani tells Mamta that they both need to team up together to cancel Ranveer’s rustication orders.

Both the women love Ranveer and shake hands as they want Ranveer to blossom.

Mamta pretends to be sad at Ranveer. He comes to her with Mamta’s dinner and tries to feed her.

However, Mamta does not eat. Ranveer requests Mamta to eat gently.

Mamta then tells Ranveer she will only eat if Ranveer goes back to college as a student.

Ranveer initially tells no but with her mother’s persistence, he becomes helpless.

Mamta accepts the food from Ranveer’s hand and smiles at Suhaani who was watching this exchange happen between the lovely mother and son duo.

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