Splitsvilla 14 11th February 2023 Written Update, Grand Finale Winner, Eliminations

Splitsvilla 14 11th February 2023 Written Update, Grand Finale Winner, Eliminations

MTV Splitsvilla 14 11th February 2023 Written Update, Episode 27, Watch Season X4 Splitsvilla Online Today, Splitsvilla 14 Winner Couple, Eliminations, Grand Finale

Splitsvilla 14 11th February 2023 Written Update, Winner Couple

Today's Splitsvilla 14 episode starts with the couples enjoying their stay in the Villa as they have reached the Grand Finale. 

A few moments are left for them in the Splitsvilla x4 before this season concludes with the announcement of the winning couple.

All the finalist couples wake up to the new and the last day of the Splitsvilla 14 and encourage their partners to give their full to win the Grand Finale.

The Last "Date"

The scroll comes and the contestants collect around the scroll to read what's written it.

In the scroll, the contestants read that a date has been organized for the Top 3 couples on the beach side which excites them.

As the date begins, Sakshi and Justin spend quality time together while discussing their feelings and life after Splitsvilla.

Sakshi confesses her feelings for Justin as she feels she is less expressive and wants Justin to know how she feels.

Meanwhile, Hamid and Soundous are enjoying each other's company with Hamid telling Soundous in Arabic that he likes her.

Kashish and Akashlina have fun together while Kashish teases her that she is in one-sided love with him.

The date goes well and the couples gather at the task location.

As everyone gathers at the task location, the hosts of the show, Sunny Leone and Arjun Bijlani ask the finalist couples about their date and how they are feeling at the moment.

Grand Finale Task

They explain the Grand Finale task to all the couples which sums up their journey in Splitsvilla 14.

In the task, there are two towers, namely, the Tower of Mars and the Tower of Venus, for the male and female partners respectively.

They have to come out of the maze under the tower by following the rope whose one end is tied to their body.

After coming out of the maze, they have to climb their respective towers and burst the clay pot hanging on the top to get a card that carries the name of a character with a famous love story.

Collecting the card, they have to descend the tower and walk on the platform where they will meet the blockers from whom they have to get another two cards by bursting the clay pots which the blockers will swing towards them.

This way the couple will have 6 cards with them and after that, they have to together collect 6 diamonds which are placed inside a block carrying the name of the connection of the characters whose name is written on the cards.

The collected diamonds have to be placed in a heart shape on a heart and thereafter the couple has to collect a bow and arrow hanging by the ropes.

With the bow and the arrow, they have to burst the balloon and finish their task.

The couple completing the task in less time will become the winning couple of Splitsvilla Season 14.   

The Task Begins

Kashish and Akashlina go to perform the task first while the other 2 finalist couples are not allowed to watch them perform.

The time gets wasted when Akashlina struggles to come out of the maze whereas Kashish completes his part of the task (gets all the 3 cards) speedily.

He encourages Akashlina to not give up and keep doing it while she whines that she is not able to do it.

Both of them move to get the diamonds after they finally have all 6 cards with names and again Akashlina struggles there to break the blocks to get the diamonds.

A lot of time gets wasted on this and they even miss collecting one diamond after breaking the block while Arjun and Sunny keep on guiding them.

Somehow, they complete the task at last by bursting the balloon with the bow and arrow.

Justin becomes a Monkey

Next comes the loving couple, Sakshi and Justin who have a good start with coming out of the maze.

Just climbs up and down, jumps in and out of the tower like a monkey, and completes his part of getting the 3 cards very fast.

On the other hand, Sakshi also gets her first card quickly however, forgets to bring the baseball bat down with her to bursts the clay pots swung by the blockers.

The time gets wasted there when she has to climb up again and bring the bat down.

After collecting all 6 cards, the couple moves to get the 6 diamonds where they perform the task with great competency and in less time.

Again, a few seconds get wasted when Justin holds the arrow wrong and misses his shot to burst the balloon to complete the task.

In the second shot, the balloon bursts, and the task is finished.

Now turn for Hamid and Soundous

Hamid and Soundous come at last to perform the task and have a good start with both of them going at the same speed and getting their parts done.

Hamid comes to Soundous after getting his 3 cards while Soundous forgets the bat like Sakshi and brings it down but drops it on the ground instead of the platform.

However, they complete the individual parts speedily and go to collect the diamonds.

The couple shows great compatibility and partnership as they collect the diamonds and arrange them on the heart.

By bursting the balloon with a bow and arrow, they finish their task.

And the results are...

Now the time has come to announce the winner of the task and the show which has the finalists on the tip of their toes.

Arjun and Sunny tell the contestants that the winning couple will get a winning amount of 10 lakh rupees and also that the time difference between the performance of the first and the last couple is massive.

They announce Kashish and Akashlina as the couple winning the third position while the other two couples get more anxious about the results as Arjun increases the suspense.

Sunny announces that the winning couple is ahead of the other couple by 31 seconds which surprises all of them.

At last, Sunny and Arjun announce Hamid and Soundous as a winning couple of Season 14 of Splitsvilla which makes them jump in happiness.

Sakshi gets emotional as her dream crashes into many pieces while Justin hugs her.

Further, Soundous shares that in the first week of Splitsvilla, she got the news of her grandmother passing which had been a tough time for her but she did not tell anyone about it.

She dedicates her victory to her grandmother while Amir starts singing and dancing to cheer up Soundous and the rest of the contestants join him.  

End of today's 11th February 2023 Splitsvilla 14 written update.

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MTV's season 14 of Splitsvilla has reached its final level, that is the Grand Finale date, where the top three couples namely, Hamid and Soundous, Sakshi and Justin, and Kashish and Akshlina, will compete to win the trophy. 

The latest promo for this weekend's Splitsvilla 14 (11 February 2023) shows the finalist's couples celebrating their love and victory with each other.

Sakshi proposes to Justin on the beach side while Hamid and Soundous dance romantically to the beautiful romantic song.

Another promo for this weekend's Splitsvilla X4 (11-02-2023) shows the hosts of season 14, Sunny Leone and Arjun Bijlani describing the task for the finale to the Top 3 couples who will have to compete together and prove themselves to be deserving candidates of the trophy.

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