Spy Bahu 17th March 2022 Written Update

Spy Bahu 17th March 2022 Written Update

Spy Bahu 17th March 2022 Written Update: Spy Bahu written update, Episode 4

Today's Spy Bahu 17th March 2022 episode starts with Sejal seeing illusions of herself as a child and her brother on seeing a pair of siblings sharing food with each other.

She follows the children while her parents remain busy buying things for themselves.

Meanwhile, Yohaan chases a man called Sohail and tries to persuade him not to back off from their plan.

Sohail runs away from Yohaan while Sejal searches for the way back to Saras and Mrinal.

Unaware of the presence of each other, Sejal and Yohaan cross paths but later come face to face while Yohaan gets hold of Sohail after chasing him for a while.

As Sejal sees Sohail being strangled by Yohaan, she interrupts between them which gives Sohail an opening to run away.

Sejal and Yohaan fall on the ground together making Yohaan enraged with anger.

However, he gives back Sejal’s belongings to her and goes on his way.

Later, Sejal again spots his childhood illusions which call her to follow them towards a way away from her family.

Coincidentally, Sejal following the illusion leads to Yohaan and Sohail making Yohaan fall in a pit with her.

Yohaan somehow saves himself and Sejal with his intelligence while Sejal continues to shout in panic.

With the argument continuing between Sejal and Yohaan, they part away from each other in grumpiness.

The next day, Yohaan intentionally buys the shawl that Sejal selects for Mrinal.

Later, Sejal finds herself reading namaz in a mosque after which SK reveals that she is Mahira Mirza, the girl born in Kashmir who forgot her childhood.

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