Super Singer 7 Written Update 20th July 2019

Super Singer 7 Written Update 20th July 2019

Super Singer 7 20th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Big Battle Round

Today's Super Singer 7 20 July episode starts with Vaisakhan singing ‘Paatum Naane Paavamum Naane’ from the movie ‘Thiruvizhayadal)’.

Super Singer 7 Judges Sriram & Unni Krishan were very happy with Vaishagan’s perfomrnace.

Next up on SuperSinger 7 stage was Kannagi who sang a song from her own composition which was appreciated by SS7 Judges Binny & Shwetha.

Super Singer Vikram on SS 7 was the next contestant to sing the song ‘Vadhaname’ which made all the SS7 Judges come on stage and praise him.

Vikram got a perfect score of 40 / 40.

Mufeeda selected ‘Pazha Mudhir Solayile’ song. Everyone including audience, judges gave a standing ovation for her Super Singer performance.

Super Singer season 7 participant Sivangi sang ‘Oru Naal Pothuma’. Both of SuperSinger judges Shwetha & Sriram hugged her and blessed her.

Gowtham picked up ‘Mazhai Thuli’ song from ‘Sangamam’ movie which made everyone to cry in the Super Singer set.

The written update of 20 July 2019 Super Singer 7 episode full story ends.

Upcoming Super Singer 7 episode update: More performance to follow in the upcoming episode.

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