Super Singer 7 Written Update 21st July 2019

Super Singer 7 Written Update 21st July 2019

Super Singer 7 21st July 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Super Singer 7 21 Jul episode starts with Roshini singing the song from 'Kana Karunguliye' from Sethu movie. A folk-style song which was appreciated by SS7 Judge Sriram.

Next, on Super Singer Season 7 was Sam Vishal was "Adiye Adiye'. Sam impressed everyone and SS7 judges awarded him 39 / 40 points.

Next om SuperSinger 7, contestant Sahana selected 'Alanguyil' from 'Parthibhan Kanavu'.  The audience gave a standing ovation.

Suganthi chose 'Thaga Thagavena Aadava' which was very much liked by Super Singer7 judge Unni Krishnan.

Next SS7 contestant Murugan sang 'Yaarukkaga' song. Judges Benny & Shwetha were amused by his performance and Judges gave him 40 / 40 marks.

Next Super Singer 7 participant Punya Selva performed on 'Sowkyama Kanne Sowkyama' song. Again a terrific Super Singer season 7 performance by Punniya Selvan which made all judges come on stage and praise Punya.

The written update of 21 July 2019 Super Singer 7 episode full story ends.

Upcoming Super Singer 7 episode update: More performance to follow in the upcoming episode.

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