Super Singer 7 Written Update 8th June 2019: Get up Round

Super Singer 7 Written Update 8th June 2019: Get up Round

Super Singer 7 8th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Yogi got eliminated

Today's Vijay TV Super Singer 7 8 Jun Getup Round episode starts with SuperSingerPoornima singing "Othayila Ninnathenne" song.

Super Singer judge Anuradha Sriram said that based on the way Poornima sang, nobody can sing & perform better than this. 

Super Singer 7 contestant Gautham selected "Annathe Adurar" song. Judge Unni Krishnan said that he needs to control on breathing while singing.

Super Singer 7 participant Kannagi picked up “Maruvathuril” song and judge Shwetha said she performed very well.

Next on SS7 stage was Sindhuja Suresh who sang “Elantha Pazham” well known for Singer L.R. Eshwari song.

Parthiban sang “Samarasam Kaana” song while Vikram selected “Isai Tamil” one of the iconic songs.

Next up was Sam Vishal who sang “Kaatrai Tharum”. Abhinav Kumar selected one of the famous folk song “Vaazhai Meenukkum”.

Vizhagan sang “Kumari En Kaathal” song which attracted everyone.

Shivangi picked up “Raa Raa Sarasakku” song which made all judges come to the super singer 7 stage.

Shivangi’s mother was the original singer of this song and both mother & daughter sang few lines on the stage.

The written update of 8 June 2019 Super Singer 7 episode full story ends.

Upcoming Super Singer 7 episode update: More Get Up Rounds performances in the upcoming episode.

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