Super Singer 9 24th December 2022 Written Update, Episode 11

Super Singer 9 24th December 2022 Written Update, Episode 11

Super Singer 9 24th December 2022 Written Update: Episode 11, Super Singer Season 9

Today's Super Singer 9 episode starts with the hosts Priyanka and Makapa on stage wearing lungi and shirts, dancing, and entertaining the audience.

The judges are welcomed on the stage who are also wearing lungi and shirts. 

The contestants who were in last week’s super zone are having immunity in this week’s episode.

This week’s round is called Thara Local Round.

To deliver the first performance of the day, Pooja enters the stage and performs Verithanam song. She delivers a stunning performance and gets placed in the super zone. 

Chandran gives an amazing performance Judge Anuradha comes to the stage and takes a selfie with him. He gets placed in the super zone.

Last week’s contestants who were in the voting zone are called onto the stage. Lavanya gets the least number of votes and gets eliminated from the show.

Next, Priya is called to the stage for her performance. The anchors humorously interact with her. She performs the Madurai Veeran song. She gets placed in the super zone.

Later, Keshav gives his performance. Makapa and Keshav humorously debate about the pros and cons of lungi and shorts. Everyone finally agrees that a lungi is better than shorts.

He performs the Otha Solaala song. The judges are not very happy with his performance today and he doesn’t get a seat in the super zone.

Gauri Shankar sings the Rakita Rakita song. He gives an energetic performance but doesn’t get placed in the super zone.

This week’s immunity zone contestants Aparna, Dinesh, and Karthick perform the Kumbida Ponna Theivam song together.

All the contestants and the judges receive Secret Santa presents.

Today’s last performance is Abhjith he sings the Singaari Saraku song. He delivers a rocking performance. The judges enter the stage to praise him for this performance. He gets added to the super zone.

In today’s episode Abhijith, Pooja, Priya and Chandran are in the super zone.

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