Swaran Ghar 3rd May 2022 Written Update

Swaran Ghar 3rd May 2022 Written Update

Swaran Ghar 3rd May 2022 Written Update: Swarna Ghar written update

Today's Swaran Ghar 3rd May 2022 episode starts with Nimmo getting into Pinky’s room after sending Micky outside so that she can mix the liquid in the cream.

Micky goes to Swaran and tells her about the issue of Pinky being obsessive over the whitening cream.

Hearing Micky, Swaran rushes with her to Pinky’s room where Nimmo is still present with Pinky’s mother.

As Nimmo hears Swaran’s voice from outside, she quickly rushes into the washroom before anybody can spot her.

Pinky refuses to do makeup without the whitening cream and lumps it over her face despite Swaran and Micky trying to stop her.

Seeing Pinky smudging the cream, Nimmo gets happy as her plan will work out now and trouble Swaran.

Meanwhile, Vikram reaches Ajit’s dhaba with the intention of threatening him with his photo with Swaran.

Ajit tells Vikram to learn from his mistakes and not do anything that would make Kanwaljeet lower his head in shame if he was alive.

Hearing this, Vikram surprisingly cools down and lets Ajit leave without revealing anything about the photo.

On the other hand, Pinky freaks out after noticing red rashes on her face and blames Swaran and Micky for it.

Nimmo informs everyone downstairs and they come rushing to discover Pinky’s ruined face.

However, Swaran assures everyone that she will solve the situation anyhow and makes them after cooling them.

Later, Ajit encounters Swaran at the marriage venue and reminds Swaran about Kanwaljeet’s thinking process.

This helps Swaran to think about a solution and she quickly rushes after getting a natural face mask of curd and cucumber.

Ajit calls Amber and Nehmat to lift up the atmosphere and get Swaran some time to fix Pinky’s face.

Finally, Swaran and Micky fix Pinky’s face and groom her as the most beautiful bride ever.

As Pinky hugs her mother while being sentimental, Ajit spots Nimmo leaving from behind the curtains in a hurry.

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