Swaran Ghar 5th May 2022 Written Update

Swaran Ghar 5th May 2022 Written Update

Swaran Ghar 5th May 2022 Written Update: Swarna Ghar written update

Today's Swaran Ghar 5th May 2022 episode starts with Swaran asking Amber’s reason for visiting Nimmo’s house without telling anyone.

Ajit covers for Amber and tells Swaran that she must have gone to Nimmo’s house to teach her a lesson for her deed at the wedding.

With the disclosure of the entire thing that Nimmo did at the marriage, Ajit tells Swaran that she is a simpleton and does not get their plans.

Amber leaves the kitchen with Swaran coming behind her and apologizing for scolding her without knowing the truth.

Later, Swaran comes to the dinner table and starts to unveil the dishes so that everyone can start eating but notices everyone’s upset face.

Micky, Amber, along with others request Swaran to call Ajit so that he can also have dinner with them together.

Swaran agrees to their request and goes to call Ajit but finds his room empty.

On calling, Swaran hears Ajit’s phone ringing from the kitchen and follows him there to spot him washing dishes.

Swaran gets surprised on seeing Ajit cleaning the hordes of dishes and offers her hand in helping him.

However, while carrying a container in her hands, Swaran slips on the water on the floor and gets saved by Ajit before she crashes on the floor.

The container from Swaran’s hand falls on a bowl of flour making it sprinkled all over the kitchen.

Ajit protects Swaran from getting showered with flour and comes closer to her without knowing.

For a moment, both forget about their surroundings and stare at each other with adorable eyes but their moment gets interrupted as everyone comes to the kitchen.

Swaran apologizes to Ajit for her behavior and asks him to eat dinner with them.

Later, Micky reminds Ginni about her pending project with her grandparents for which she goes to Swaran.

Accidentally, Amber’s finger gets burnt as she touches hot oil but Swaran puts a homemade cream on her burns to provide to her.

Ginni decides that she will sell that cream by Swaran in her stall for her project.

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