Temptation Island India 3rd November 2023 Written Update, Episode 1

Temptation Island India 3rd November 2023 Written Update, Episode 1

Today's Temptation Island India 3rd November 2023 episode starts with Mouni Roy welcoming the host Karan Kundra to join her for the social experiment where four couples will live with 16 tempters in two separate villas.

He reveals that the tempters will also be single and are looking for love.

Welcoming the first couple, Chetna and Nishank, who have been in a relationship for three years talk about their relationship and how they went from friends to lovers and consider their next step to be marriage or maybe not.

The couple explore the villas and get excited to see their rooms while the second couple introduces themselves.

Nidhi and Mohak met each other on a dating site and have been with each other for two years and were also about to almost break two months ago while talking about their future and children.

The third couple is Nikita and Tayne who have been with each other for only four months and who are there to test if they can be loyal to each other or not.

The fourth and last couple are Chestha and Arjun who have been in a long relationship of 10 years during which they have gotten separated, broken up, and cheated on each other also.

All four couples look around the villa and enjoy seeing their room after which they sit together and enjoy champagne joking with each other.

There is tension between Chestha and Arjun while Karan and Mouni enter and greet the housemates.

To break the ice, they start by asking the couples their reason for entering the show.

Nidhi reveals that she just wants to see loyalty from Mohak as she knows nothing about his London life while Mohak reveals that he just wants to see what is holding back Nidhi from going to the next step in their relationship since he feels like she is the one for him.

As for Chetna and Nishank, they reveal that they are there just to test each other and appreciate each other for putting up with each other after 7 years of friendship and 3 years of dating.

Karan talks to the youngest couple, Nikita and Tayne from which Nikita reveals that she has trust issues while Tayne calls her a little possessive.

When Chestha and Arjun reveal how they broke up and kept coming back to each other, Mouni points out that they have a toxic pattern and are not sure if it is love or if they have become too comfortable with each other.

Chestha ends up crying as she reveals that she recalls how there is still love between her and Arjun.

Karan makes it clear to them that they giving each other permission to mingle with other single people and learn by interacting and forming connections with them while Mouni reveals to them that they will be separately told about what their partner is upon each week on bonfire nights.

At night, the couples are surprised by Zahrah S Khan's performance who tells them that she has a tempting performance for them.

She continues the performance as the tempters do a rampwalk and take their positions being cheered on by the couples.

The male tempters introduce themselves as Satyam, Aryan, Faiz, Samadh, Zen, Jimmy, Nikhil, and Jad with the female tempters being Rajvi, Shraddha, Navisha, Urvi, Shagun, Mahima, Neha, and Ruma.

When asked about who has made an impression, the couples talked about their favorite tempers and jokingly teased each other.

Further, Mouni tells them that they will be given some time to spend together after which they will have to be separated for the night.

Three couples get emotional about being parted for 45 days while Chestha and Arjun decide to feel what they feel and come out with a clearer mind.

Further, the gents leave while the girls welcome the tempters while the gents welcome the lady tempters into the Boys Villa.

The gents are impressed by Rajvi who raises the temperatures of their hearts while the ladies are impressed by Jad.

Arjun takes Shraddha away and talks to her while she feels excited about it.

End of Temptation Island India today's episode written update. To download all episodes or watch today's full episode (3 November 2023) online, go to jiocinema.com or the Jio App.

Temptation Island India 3rd November 2023 Episode Update, Promo

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