Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 14th February 2023 Written Update

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 14th February 2023 Written Update

Today's Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 14th February 2023 episode starts with Veer and Armaan fighting over Arman finding a girl for himself that looks precisely like Kaya.

As Kaya's photograph burns in the background, Veer tells Arman that it was because of him that he lost Kaya and now he will make Arman taste his own medicine.

Meanwhile, Cherry, Meheck, &  Isha are conversing about Arman who is so hot.

Cherry says she would like to taste Arman as he looks like a tasty ice cream.

Meanwhile, Mehak goes downstairs to grab something from the pantry when she sees that the candlelight goes off when she moves her hand.

She gets intrigued and tries it again but Isha and Meheck come to her.

On the other hand, Veer walks outside Isha’s house to instigate Arman but Arman comes there just in time.

Isha opens the door when she hears the doorbell and gets surprised to see Armaan.

She gets shy and stutters while Isha welcomes him inside.

As soon as Arman enters the room, Cherry tries to get closer to him and asks Arman if he has a girlfriend or not.

Arman denies that it hurts Cherry when he tells her to back off.

Isha feels bad to see Cherry hurt this way but Arman says that he could have handled this situation better.

Meanwhile, Sara is sitting alone on the pavement when Veer comes to her and whispers that she looks beautiful today.

Sara stiffens with Veer’s breath but gets lost in his charming eyes.

However, Veer’s intention is something different and he bites her.

Later that night, Isha gets a dream of someone telling her that he can read her mind.

Isha is wearing a white gown as she runs in the jungle, looking for the man but she wakes up with a startle.

On the other hand, the news of Sara being attacked hits all over the media, and the sheriff of the town tells her boss that it looks like “he” is back.

However, who he is isn’t revealed.

Arman hearing the news goes to Veer and threatens him not to create any more trouble for him.

However, jealousy and envy reflects in Veer’s eyes as he says he won’t let Arman live in peace.

Meanwhile, Arman goes to check up Sara who remembers everything.

He goes to see her as she lies on the hospital bed unconscious.

He glares into her eyes, using his powers to ask her what happened the night she was attacked.

Seeing Veer in the picture, Arman uses his powers and asks Isha to forget everything.

Just then, Maya, the lady police officer comes to take Sara's statement against who attacked her.

She then questions Arman about what he is doing here Arman says he just wanted to see Sara.

Sara then abruptly sits up and tells them she remembers.

Meanwhile, Isha sees Viaan again taking drugs to forget about Sara's pain and asks him to feel better as Sara will be alright.

The talks of the Solar Eclipse go on in the college while Isha decides to visit Arman in his house.

A lady opens the door to whom Isha says that she is here to meet Armaan.

However, Isha meets Veer who tells her that she is just a rebound for Armaan as his old flame also looked like her.

Isha gets hurt and goes to her house while her aunt asks her not to feel bad.

On the day of the solar eclipse, Arman asks Mehak where Isha is while she gives him Isha's number.

However, as soon as she touches him, she feels a jolt. Arman then meets Isha who tries to ignore him at first but says he will clarify everything Veer said.

Later, Lakshya comes to Isha and says he still has feelings for her and cannot move on.

As the sun comes out, Arman's skin turns golden along with his eyes while everyone gets scared to see him turn into a werewolf.

However, time freezes and Veer arrives at the spot, telling Armaan that he won't let his revenge be so easy on him.

On the other hand, Maya tells the mayor that the person who attacked the tourists could be a werewolf and both of them decide to investigate the matter.

During the evening, Armaan goes to find a herb that can kill Veer but Veer mockingly reminds him that "Shyaam Tulsi" have stopped growing here.

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