Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 15th February 2023 Written Update, Episode 3

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 15th February 2023 Written Update, Episode 3

Today's Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 15th February 2023 episode starts with Veer reminding Arman about always dividing everything between each other equally so Isha should also be divided equally.

This angers Arman and they start fighting each other while Veer pushes him away as Arman lands on a rock with a thud.

Isha's invitation

Meanwhile, in Isha’s house, Isha orders Meheck to spend some time with Arman so she can judge Arman.

Isha even states she wants her best friend to like the man she has chosen, and Meheck agrees to join her at the dinner.

At the same time, Meheck gets a call from her grandmother and she rushes out to get answers from her.

After Meheck leaves, a light breeze blows Isha’s hair away as she walks toward the window and a soft smile appears on her face while she recalls her moments with Arman.

She turns around after hearing footsteps and finds Arman in front of her.

While Isha sits on the couch, Arman explains to her that Veer and his relationship is complicated.

Veer reveals his true identity 

On the other hand, Veer puts his arms around Cherry in the foggy jungle who closes her eyes to feel the closeness between them more sensually.

As Veer looks at the vein on Cherry’s neck, the urge to suck Cherry’s blood grows inside him, causing his eyes to get darker.

He lets out a scream while his nails grow long all of a sudden and his werewolf self comes out partially.

Cherry gets scared as Veer bites her on her neck and a few drops of blood come out.

Turning around, she finds Veer angrily growling and she nervously starts walking backward while repeatedly asking Veer to reveal his identity.

Arman's confession to Isha

Back in Isha’s house, Arman informs Isha that Kavya is responsible for the bitterness between him and Veer.

He further adds that Veer loved Kavya very much and he is the reason why Veer lost his love forever.

Before Arman can put the guilt on himself anymore, Isha puts her hand on his shoulder to calm him.

Isha tells Arman that she can see the truth in his eyes and she does not want to know what happened between him, Kavya, and Veer.

Elsewhere in the jungle, Veer reveals to Cherry that he is a werewolf whose family is the first founding family of Lansdale.

Cherry's Bravery impresses Veer

Veer gets surprised and instead of getting frightened, Cherry jumps in excitement and states that her grandma Avantika also fell in love with a werewolf named Tej.

She even offers Veer to drink her blood whenever he wants because she wants to fall in love with an aggressive man.

With a smirk, Veer says that Cherry will soon forget about it while an excited Cherry wraps herself around him.

Cherry orders Veer to not use his powers and promises to keep this a secret which makes Arman confused but he agrees.

In the meantime, Arman puts a "shyam tulsi" bracelet on Isha's wrist and makes Isha promise that she will never take it off.

Arman gets happy as he recalls Veer's words about "shyam tulsi" terminating the effects of a werewolf on a human being.

The evening party

Meanwhile, Meheck's grandmother unties some threads on a pupil tree to free some black spirits when Meheck arrives there.

As Meheck asks her about what is happening to her, she gets excited because Mehek finally realizes her powers.

Later that evening, Isha and Meheck are chit-chatting when they meet Sara and Meheck asks Sara how she is feeling.

Sara tells Meheck that she is better but is unable to understand why she is having nightmares constantly while Arman watches her from a distance.

Afterward, Isha and Meheck are walking out without noticing the sharp edge of the table but Arman notices it.

At a lightning speed, Arman arrives there to cover the edge with his hand which impresses Meheck whereas Isha turns red in embarrassment.

On the other hand, Cherry brings Veer to Isha's house only to get disappointed as Isha is not home but Veer advises her to snoop around Isha's room.

Picking Cherry in his arms, Veer enters Isha's room like a tornado impressing Cherry and she starts blabbering about how she is very lucky to have him.

Veer starts looking at Isha's pictures with so much interest that he does not hear a single word Cherry says.

Meanwhile, as Isha, Arman, Meheck, and Isha's maternal aunt unlock the doors, Veer hears the footsteps and orders Cherry to crash the party.

In the hall, Isha's aunt praises Arman for bringing Isha's smile back whereas Veer looks at Isha with lust-filling eyes.

The Jungle Adventure

Everyone then goes out for a walk in the jungle as per Cherry's wish.

During the walk, Isha's face starts glowing just like the fireflies which lighten up the path for Arman and Isha.

Arman watches with love in his eyes as Isha starts smiling while touching the glow-worms and he creates Isha's name with the glow-worms.

Arman leaves for a split second when Veer approaches Isha and pulls her toward him aggressively.

He tries to kiss Isha after hypnotizing her with his eyes but gets surprised as Isha pushes him away.

Isha walks away from there with disgusted eyes while Veer realizes that Isha is wearing a "shyam tulsi" bracelet in her hand.

Afterward, when Arman arrives there with a smirk, Veer appreciates him for this.

On the other hand, the Mayor and Maya pull out a compass from the cabinet, stating that it will help them to find the werewolf.

Veer's defeat

The next day, at the ball, Veer dances with Isha again forcefully while Arman is not around but Isha pushes him away.

Isha orders Veer to stop this as it is hurting Arman while Veer looks at Isha with a mysterious smile on his face.

Veer informs Isha that the Oberoi brothers always love the same thing while the mayor is looking around with his compass.

Afterward, Armaan snatches Isha away from Veer to dance with her but after a few seconds, Veer again pulls Isha toward him for the performance causing Isha to feel uncomfortable.

However, Veer soon collapses on the floor due to the effect of "shyam tulsi" which Arman has put in his drink and Arman drags Veer away.

On one hand, Veer and Arman get into a vicious fight; on the other hand, Isha orders Meheck to use her powers to see what Arman and Veer are doing.

Meanwhile, Maya and the mayor start investigating the jungle as per the compass direction and soon get closer to where Arman and Veer are fighting.

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