Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 20th February 2023 Written Update, Episode 4 Story

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 20th February 2023 Written Update, Episode 4 Story

Today's Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 20th February 2023 episode starts with Veer pressing Arman to a tree branch while grabbing his neck.

Veer laughs at Arman for thinking he can stop him from breathing but Arman skillfully pushes him down.

Meheck saves Veer and Arman

Meanwhile, Meheck creates an aura with her hands, creating a protective circle around Veer and Arman while they pounce on each other.

At the same time, the mayor gets shocked as the campus stops working and when they look at the area where Veer and Arman fighting, they are unable to see anyone.

Suddenly the fog surrounds them while the heavy wind starts to blow due to which Maya and the Mayor’s eyesight get weaker.

In the meantime, Arman picks up unconscious Veer in his arms while thanking Isha in his mind for saving him and Veer without even knowing about it.

On the other hand, Meheck tells Isha that she can feel Veer and Arman are all right to which excited Isha replies that Meheck’s grandma was right, Meheck is indeed a yogini.

When Meheck questions Isha why she wanted to help Veer, Isha reveals that she knows Veer is just hurting but at the end of the day, he is still Arman’s brother.

Veer's defeat 

Afterward, Arman locks Veer in a cell so when Veer tries to touch the bar, he gets an electric shock.

Veer orders Arman to remember that Isha has saved them both which means Isha can choose him over Arman in a low whisper.

This makes Arman angry and he announces that for the next 48 hours, Veer will stay in this cell to avoid him harming any person.

He even adds that he knows once the blood supply stops for Veer, his body will start to decay due to lack of blood, and he will become a body without a soul.

Veer gaslights Arman by reminding him that werewolves don’t even have the right to die and that’s why Arman has rewarded him with his life while Arman wipes off a tear.

Arman is jealous!

Veer and Arman stop talking as they hear Isha’s footsteps and Veer whispers to Arman’s ears that he can hear Isha’s heartbeat which beats for him only.

However, when Arman meets Isha, his mood gets spoiled as Isha asks about Veer’s health first.

Isha then corrects herself by stating that she was worried for both of them as she can feel the rising anger in Arman.

Arman quickly brings a smile to his face to hide his jealousy and makes up the excuse that he is just tired.

Cutting his finger on a nearby lamp, Arman flinches in pain for a second but hides his hand quickly to avoid Isha’s gaze.

As the wound gets healed quickly, Isha starts tugging Arman’s hand to see the wound despite Arman telling her that it is not deep.

Isha gets stunned when Arman shows her his perfect hand but Arman urges her to forget it as it was not deep.

Cherry's daydream

The next day, Isha records herself on the camera saying that the family is most important in this world when she hears Cherry calling her so she stops the recording.

On the other hand, Cherry is waiting outside Isha’s home and suddenly Veer appears behind Cherry’s back.

She gets surprised to see Veer and she urges him to drink her blood as she notices the blood thrust in his eyes.

Cherry removes the scarf from her neck and as Veer bites on her neck, she closes her eyes and wraps her hand around Veer's hands while she closes her eyes to feel the sensation.

She tells Veer that this hurting is addictive in a low whisper and her grip on Veer’s hand tightens while she holds her breath.

However, she comes out of her imagination when Isha arrives there and Cherry wraps the scar around her neck.

During the drive, Cherry requests Isha to call Arman to invite him and Veer both to the car washing event.

As Isha tells Arman about it, Arman nods and cuts the call.

Meanwhile, looking at weak Veer, Arman mutters that he cannot fulfill Cherry’s wish as Veer is harmful to Isha.

The Car Washing Event

On the other hand, when Isha asks Cherry how she has gotten so close to Veer in such a short span of time, Cherry replies that there is a strange addiction to the sweet pain with dreamy eyes.

This confuses Isha and she asks Cherry what she means by sweet pain but Cherry changes the subject by urging her to talk about her relationship with Arman.

With a happy smile, Isha announces that she and Arman are inseparable.

Back in Oberoi’s mansion, Arman orders Veer to reveal why he is after Isha since he is sure that Veer is doing all this with a motive behind it.

As Arman wipes off his tears since he cannot see Veer so weak, Veer thinks that if he cannot have true love, he will not let Arman have it too.

On the other hand, Cherry welcomes everyone to the car washing charity event and announces that whatever money they will get from this, they will donate to a charity.

Just then, a lady arrives there who asks Cherry if she can join this too and Cherry agrees.

Afterward, everyone plays with water, and Isha gets drenched with water and starts feeling cold.

Arman and Isha's romance

Arman puts his coat around Isha who starts rubbing herself with her hands.

When someone throws water at Isha, Arman shields her with his hands and tells Isha that he wishes to be with her always.

Later, Arman and Isha start performing with each other while Cherry watches them with longing eyes.

She again starts daydreaming about Veer dancing with her but she gets disappointed when she finds Veer gone.

Meanwhile, Veer is trying to free himself while growing nonstop and the caretaker thinks that though she feels upset for Veer, it is better for everyone if Veer stays hungry.

On the other hand, Arman and Isha are washing a car while the lady eyes them suspiciously.

Arman's Past reappears

Arman dodges Isha’s questions when Isha asks him why this lady is eying Arman.

Afterward, the lady corners Arman in a lonely ally and reminds him that he is the one who saved her when she was just seventeen years old.

She even questions Arman about how he is so young even after so many years but Arman runs away from there.

Meanwhile, Meheck gets a vision of two werewolves running after Isha when she touches Isha’s hand and she gets terrified.

She orders Isha to stay safe who brushes off Meheck’s worry by urging her to not be worried for her.

However, when Arman drops Isha at her home, she expresses that she is still thinking about that lady’s words but Arman her to not worry.

Isha learns Arman's truth

Once Arman leaves, Isha finds a paper lying on the ground that states that if she wants to know about Arman then she should meet the person.

On the other hand, when Arman goes to meet Veer in the cell, Veer questions him why he has captured Kavya for 100 years since she is his true love.

Arman informs Veer that he knows even if he tells Veer the truth about Kavya's true self, he will not trust him.

He even requests Veer not to destroy his chance to become a human as he has already found his true love when Veer mocks him by saying that if Isha learns the truth, she will run away.

On the other hand, the lady tells Isha that many years ago, Veer saved her in a landslide yet he is the same person.

The lady even suggests Isha look through the old newspapers to find out about Arman because often what people see is not true.

Later, Arman is feeling miserable thinking about his beautiful moments with Isha whereas Isha stares at the newspaper with shock as she realizes that Veer was right Arman is a werewolf.

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