Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 21st February 2023 Written Update

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 21st February 2023 Written Update

Today's Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 21st February 2023 episode starts with Isha going through the old newspapers when she finds one with Arman’s photo.

Isha's realization

Looking at Arman’s youthful features, Isha starts stammering as she cannot believe her eyes.

She stutters that Veer’s story about them was right and she starts looking through bookshelves to learn more about Arman.

As she reads about the special werewolves of Landsdale who will never die as they drink human blood to stay alive, Arman’s disappearance makes sense to her.

Isha’s breathing starts to quiver as she remembers Meheck’s words about two werewolves running after her.

Meanwhile, Arman’s gaze follows Isha’s every action who is too engrossed in the book to notice him.

When Arman puts his hand on Isha’s shoulder, she is so surprised that she collides with the table and the books fall on the floor.

Isha tells Arman nervously that she has learned the truth to which Arman replies that he cannot hide the truth any longer.

Veer shows mercy on Cherry

Arman even pleads with Isha to come with him to know everything and Isha just nods as she is still shaken by the revelation.

On the other hand, Cherry thinks about Veer in her room when she feels as if Veer is calling her.

When she looks out of the window, she does not find him and she gets hypnotized hearing Veer’s words who urge her to come to him.

Maya asks Cherry where she is going and she finds Cherry leaving the house in a trance but Cherry does not answer.

Cherry gets goosebumps as she enters the Oberoi mansion which is completely dark and her footsteps create a cracking sound on the floor.

When she comes in front of the cell, she gets horrified to see the ghostly white pale look on Veer’s face.

Veer whispers that he needs blood in a weak state and Cherry offers her blood to him who refuses to take it saying that today is a full moon night so if he bites her, she will turn into a werewolf.

Cherry feels happy to hear Veer’s words since she thinks Veer cares about her very much and she walks out to find Veer’s drink.

As soon as Cherry brings the blood bottle, Veer drinks it like he is deprived of it for a very long.

The blood fuels Veer with so much energy that he lets out a growl while his werewolf teeth come out and he breaks the chain.

Cherry stands there in surprise as Veer runs away from there like a tornado.

Arman shows his true shelf

Meanwhile, Arman brings Isha to a jungle place where the full moon rays fall on them and Arman announces that today, he will reveal his true self.

Isha stares with wide eyes as Arman shows her his true werewolf shelf and as he growls, Isha starts shaking with fear.

When Arman comes back to his human shelf, Isha accuses him of killing all the innocent people for his blood thrust.

Arman clarifies that it was Veer since he has stopped killing innocent people but Isha refuses to believe him.

Isha walks away from there, shaking with fear while Arman stands there with his heart shattered into pieces.

Sara's birthday celebration

In the meantime, Sara, Viaan, and a bunch of the college kids are celebrating her birthday in a hangout spot in the jungle.

Viaan excuses himself, saying that he needs to bring the gift for Sara whereas Sara also walks away to eat something.

However, at the same time, the bloodthirsty, angry-looking Veer arrives at the spot and kills each of the college kids without even giving them the time to scream.

When Sara returns, she finds Veer sucking a person’s blood but before she can run away, Veer bites her on her neck.

After Veer walks away, Sara wakes up with beads of sweat on her forehead and starts feeling hungry all of a sudden.

She sucks the blood of a random stranger but gets surprised when her werewolf persona vanishes.

Isha breaks up with Arman

Meanwhile, Isha feels trapped in her own house as wherever she goes, she finds Arman standing.

Arman tells Isha that he will expect if Isha does not want to see him anymore and Isha orders him to leave.

While Arman stands under the window of Isha’s room with sorrow written all over his face, Isha throws away the “shyam tulsi” bracelet saying that she is ashamed of herself for falling in love with a monster.

A new mystery

Back in Oberoi’s mansion, Cherry questions Veer why he needs to hunt people since she has offered herself to him with sight anger in her voice.

Pulling Cherry close, Veer whispers that to stay strong he needs to hunt people which shuts Cherry.

He even says in an innuendo style that Arman considers him his enemy without knowing that the true enemy is yet to arrive.

This confuses Cherry but when she asks Veer, a mysterious smile appears on Veer’s face while his pet crow sits on his shoulder.

On the other hand, Viaan finds Sara eating human flash in the cafeteria but when he urges her to share what she is feeling, Sara runs away from there.

When Viaan comes out of the cafeteria to run after Sara, he meets the Mayor who instantly realizes that Sara is the werewolf as he finds a blood stain on Viaan's shirt.

The mayor orders Viaan to keep Sara's situation a secret if he wants her to be safe.

In the meantime, Veer reminds Arman how Arman used to be reckless due to his hunger but angry Arman announces that he knows Veer will not harm Isha since he does not know Kavya's location.

Mahisha's arrival

Later, Isha is sleeping in her room when Veer arrives there and starts observing Isha's features saying that Isha is just like Kavya and he walks away from there after adding that Isha needs to sleep peacefully till he needs her to unlock Kavya.

On the other hand, the mayor puts on one gold bangle which starts to glow instantly as it comes to contact with his skin.

The mayor reveals that he is a "Mahisha" and he is the one who can kill Arman and Veer, the werewolf brothers.

As the two horns grow on his head, he reveals that he will take revenge on these two for his grandfather's death.

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