Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal (TIMG) 13th February 2023 Written Update, Episode 1

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal (TIMG) 13th February 2023 Written Update, Episode 1

Today's Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 13th February 2023 episode 1 starts with Avantika running in the dark jungle while calling Tej’s name.

She sees a glimpse of Tej, but before reaching him, he vanishes from there.

Meanwhile, a lot of people are looking through the jungle for the werewolf when they find a scratch mark on a tree.

End of Tej and Avantika's love story

The leader tells his people that today is a full moon night so the werewolf must have come out for hunting.

On the other hand, finding Tej near the cliff, Avantika hugs him from behind who pushes her away, saying they cannot be together.

Tej reminds Avantika that they are totally different from each other to which Avantika replies that she knows that Tej is a werewolf and she is human.

Just then, Tej’s eyes start changing colors while a deep growl escapes his mouth and the clothes start ripping off from his body, indicating his transition to a werewolf.

Pulling Tej close, Avantika orders him to turn her into a werewolf so they can be together as Tej is the one who has shown true love to her.

Tej again pushes Avantika away as he cannot do this with his own love, which upsets Avantika.

While Avantika and Tej are standing in front of each other, the city people arrive, and the leader shoots Tej.

Avantika calls out Tej’s name desperately but the city people grab her, not letting her touch Tej.

The leader then puts a shining knife into Tej’s chest yelling that from now on Tej’s breed will remember this attack.

Looking around, Avantika announces that not Tej but these cruel people are werewolves.

She even states that maybe Tej and Avantika’s love story is unfinished but one day, other love birds will surely reunite.

Beginning of a new love story

Many years have passed since then in Landsdale yet the fear of werewolves remains among the city people.

Meanwhile, Arman, a werewolf is climbing the wall of Isha’s house and watching her with a deep curiosity in his eyes.

Inside the room, a girl named Isha Sharma is crying while looking at her parents’ picture.

She says that nowadays it is very easy to say they are fine instead of revealing the truth.

As Arman watches her with his werewolf eyes, a hint of attraction flickers in his eyes.

Meanwhile, Isha tells her parents picture that it’s been months since they died yet she cannot move on.

On the other hand, four tourists are driving through Landsdale when one of them reminds them that Landsdale is known for werewolves.

Just then, a stranger named Veer comes in front of their car.

The tourists let out a scream as Veer bite their neck and suck their blood viciously.

On the other hand, Arman runs away from there as Isha comes to her window to check.

A glimpse of Isha's life

The next morning, Isha’s maternal aunt reads the same news in the newspaper while calling Isha and Viaan, Isha’s brother.

In Viaan’s room, Isha urges him to start playing football again just like their mom wanted but Viaan walks away without saying anything.

Isha even cheerfully reminds Viaan that today is their first day in college so Viaan should not be late.

Afterward, Isha gets a text from, Meheck Roy, her friend who orders her to bring an umbrella but Isha refuses.

Once outside the house, Isha tells Meheck that today is a sunny day, so there is no chance of rain when Meheck starts using her hands while chanting something.

Afterward, during the drive, the rain starts pouring actually and Isha reminds Meheck her prediction came true.

Meheck reveals that her family belongs to a Sainte (yogini) but she does not know how to do magic.

When Isha and Meheck arrive at the college, Cherry Dewan, a mean girl puts salt on Isha’s wound by welcoming her with a board that has a picture of Isha’s parents.

Isha and Arman's first meeting

Isha runs away from there as tears sting her eyes while Meheck scolds Cherry for refreshing Isha’s wounds.

Meanwhile, Isha is walking in the hall when a banner is about to fall on her head but Arman saves her.

As Arman and Isha stare into each other’s eyes, Cherry jumps in joy as her prayer gets fulfilled and now a hot boy is in their college.

Afterward, Isha finds a drug in Viaan’s hand and orders him to not use it to cope with grief.

Viaan walks away from there after yelling that Isha can pretend to live a fake life but he cannot do this.

Arman's blood urge

Later, Isha is looking at her parents’ picture near a cliff when she starts shivering as fog covers the area.

She finds Arman there who puts his jacket around Isha to warm her while Isha asks him if he is a savior or a creep since he arrives every time Isha needs him.

When Arman mentions that he has learned what happened to Isha’s parents, Isha reveals that her parents died in a car accident.

Isha then tells Arman that she makes vlogs to cope with her emotions to which Arman replies that he writes a diary.

This makes Isha comment that Arman must have come from a vintage time period causing Arman to look uncomfortable.

Just then, Isha cuts her hand into a tree bunch and a few drops of blood come out which makes Arman’s werewolf eyes come out and his teeth.

When Isha turns, she finds Arman gone.

Later that night, Arman returns to the Oberoi mansion but the caretaker reminds him that Landsdale is not safe for the werewolves.

In reply, Arman says that it is his home and he is here to get a precious possession.

The Color Festival

Afterward, Cherry welcomes everyone to the Landsdale color festival and the act of Avantika and Tej’s love story begins on the stage.

While Isha plays Avantika’s role, Arman represents Tej as the male lead who has broken his ankle.

As Isha and Arman perform with passion, the mayor and Maya, the police officer discuss that this story should not have come out.

On the other hand, Meheck gets surprised as she is able to move the fathers move on their own.

In the meantime, the mayor and Maya discuss that they have secret societies to keep werewolves away only.

Later, Cherry tells everyone that Avantika was her grandma who fell in love with a werewolf during their party in the jungle.

She even starts flirting with Arman saying that if werewolves are this hot then she has no problem falling in love with them.

Sara gets attacked

Cherry even offers Arman the “Imli Beer” but Meheck drags Cherry away to give Isha and Arman some space.

On the other hand, Sara breaks up with Viaan, stating that this relationship is not working.

When Sara meets everyone, she announces that werewolves don’t exist in real life.

Afterward, Sara is standing near a tree when she gets bitten by Veer.

Hearing Sara’s scream, everyone gathers around her and Maya arrives there with her police team.

Noticing the bite mark on Sara’s neck, Maya gets horrified as it resembles the werewolf bites.

Later, Sara wakes up in the hospital when she finds her brother Laksh sitting next to her.

She starts screaming that she has seen werewolves causing Laksh to get panicked and he calls the nurses.

Arman meets Veer

Meanwhile, Veer welcomes Arman cheerfully who looks at him with irritation.

Veer tells Arman that he cannot live without human blood like Arman.

They pounce on each other like blood thrusters and their werewolf eyes get awakened.

Arman questions Veer why he has come back as Veer’s irresponsible hunt will expose them and the city people will lock them in a silver cave.

Veer informs Arman that he has also come back for the same reason just like Arman.

Veer adds lustfully that Isha is very beautiful and looks just like Kaya to which Arman replies that Isha is different.

Arman orders Veer not to get close to Isha and the brother starts fighting again.

While fighting outside, Arman and Veer notice their mansion catching fire and they run inside to check.

As they look closely, they find Isha's look-alike Kaya's painting burning in fire.

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