Teri Meri Doriyaan 11th May 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 11th May 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 11th May 2023 Written Update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyaan 11th May 2023 episode starts with Manveer telling Sahiba to take Seerat away as she does not even want to see her face.

However, Sahiba tries making Manveer understand to let Seerat speak once.

Seerat steps forward while Hansraj makes a nasty comment about the uninvited guests of an unwanted daughter-in-law.

Further, Jasleen yells at Manveer and tells her to take Sahiba and her sisters away from the party.

She, further, calls security guards for taking Sahiba and her sisters out while Akaal screams at Jasleen to not misbehave with Sahiba or his sisters.

Jasleen folds her hand together and asks Sahiba to leave.

Meanwhile, Seerat at the peak of her voice reprimands Garry and Jasleen that her tolerance power has crossed the limit.

She bashes Garry for indulging her in his web of lies and tells him to cut the drama.

Pamela and Shanaya are shocked to witness the drama while Gurleen tells her to seek their answers once Seerat explains herself.

Agitated by Garry, Seerat tells everyone that every word that she is speaking is true while a nervous Garry tries negotiating with her.

As tears roll down Seerat’s face, she tells Garry to either disclose the truth or else she will.

Seerat tells Garry that she loved him with all her heart and trusted him blindly but it all turned into the biggest mistake of her life.

Garry tries avoiding eye contact with his family members while his family members ask him to answer back Seerat.

Further, Sahiba takes the command in her hands and tells everyone that she has been trying to disclose the truth to clean her image but failed every time.

A scared Garry tells Sahiba to keep quiet and asks her to stop lying.

Meanwhile, a confused Angad requests Seerat to stop running away from the truth and clear the air today.

Jasleen blames Akaal for letting Sahiba do as she wants while Sahiba calls her out for her words.

Sahiba, firmly, tells Jasleen to have the guts to bear the truth and hear about the cheap tricks his beloved son has been using with girls.

A heartbroken Seerat tells Garry for leaving her while she needed him the most which made her take the step to commit suicide.

Further, she tells him that he again came back into her life and made false promises to her.

Seerat tells everyone that Garry misled her while blaming the Brar family for not marrying her.

She tells everyone that the other day, on Baisakhi, he gave her his swear and made her run away.

Garry tells her to keep quiet and tells her to not do something that he asked her not to do.

Feeling miserable for herself, Seerat calls him out for failing her trust and proposing to Shanaya for the wedding.

Meanwhile, Santosh is inconsolable as she gets to know that Seerat has eloped from her wedding again while Tayyji tries comforting a broken Santosh.

Further, Santosh receives a call from Keerat who explains her about the situation they are in and assures her that they will earn their dignity back, asking her to calm down.

Back in the Brar Mansion, Jasleen asks the Monga sisters how dare they question Garry’s character.

Keerat, back in the hall, tells Jasleen to keep quiet and wait till the lies of her beloved son, Garry, are out to the world.

Seerat tells Garry to answer her honestly as she cannot be stuck on him and wait for him all her life.

Meanwhile, Akaal tells Garry that his silence is speaking way more than his words can.

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