Teri Meri Doriyaan 12th February 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 12th February 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 12th February 2023 Written Update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyaan 12th February 2023 episode starts with Brars greeting Seerat's family to the "Roka"(engagement) ceremony, where Gurleen and Mandeep appreciate Seerat for looking pretty in pink.

Seerat notices Garry dancing with his arms open with Angad and Veer due to which Seerat doubts his love for her on seeing his enthusiasm towards the Roka.

Meanwhile, Angad can't take his eyes off Seerat's glittering look that has allured him to her.

On the other hand, Keerat brings Golgappe for Sahiba to celebrate their absence in Seerat's Roka.

Mandeep questions Santosh for the absence of her other two daughters (Sahiba and Keerat) in the Roka, while Santosh gives an excuse for their busy schedule due to which they failed in making adjustments.

Meanwhile, Angad asks for Seerat's hand and takes her to the couch to begin the ceremony, however, Seerat feels nervous as she has not expressed her feelings for Garry.

Seerat gets up and approaches Garry by holding his hand meanwhile everyone in the crowd runs their mind to find out the reason for Seerat's move.

Garry handles the situation by telling the crowd that Seerat has held her hand as a support as she gets stuck on the carpet.

Angad comforts Seerat by making her drink water but she ignores his efforts due to which Angad asks her if she's ready for the Roka with her desire or if under someone's pressure.

Meanwhile, Santosh avoids Angad's question by telling him that Seerat cannot express her happiness in front of others, however, internally she feels excited to have Angad in her life.

Mandeep asks Japjyot and Daar ji to bless the new couple.

Angad asks Mandeep if Inder is given an invitation for Roka, however, Mandeep questions him why a father requires an invitation for his own son's Roka.

Meanwhile, Jasleen interrupts them by saying that she thinks that Inder wouldn't attend the engagement, and this leaves sadness on Japjyot and Daar Ji's faces.

Daar ji and Japjyot approach the new couple to bless them and tell Seerat to bind the Brars in the wool of love from now onwards as it's her responsibility.

Internally, Seerat feels that she's more than happy to be welcomed as a new member of Brars but as Garry's wife instead of boring Angad's.

On the other hand, Inderpal enters the ceremony by taunting Daar ji due to which Sudha feels that there are grudges between Angad, Inder, and Daar ji.

However, Santosh tells Sudha that she doesn't care about any grudges, once the Roka is done.

Inderpal blees Seerat and Angad and gives them the warmth of love to begin their new journey and later, Japjyot introduces Santosh to Inder.

Japjyot asks everyone to begin the ceremony now as everything has been settled.

Mandeep and Japjyot make the first step of Roka by making Seerat wear "Shagun Dupatta" and gift her a necklace that has been worn by the ancestors of Brar's.

On seeing the necklace, Seerat rewinds the time when Garry gifted her diamond jewelry due to which Angad doubts if she said something to him.

Everyone takes a family photo together in happiness, while Santosh approaches Mandeep and congratulates her for the Roka.

Santosh also asks Mandeep about fixing the marriage as Roka is done.

However, Mandeep tells Santosh that as per Daar ji and Japjyot's willingness, Seerat, and Angad will get married after a year.

On hearing this Santosh is left with a question mark on her face as in one year all her lies will come to an end, however, Seerat smiles in happiness due to the delay in the wedding.

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