Teri Meri Doriyaan 12th June 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 12th June 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 12th June 2023 Written Update: TMD written update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyaan 12th June 2023 episode starts with Surender walking into Angad’s ward and Angad asking him to leave before Sahiba catches him.

However, Sahiba sees him with Angad and rushes to scold him but overhears his conversation with Angad.

Angad tells Surender that he does not want that the shopkeepers trouble Sahiba or her family and thus, will not take his offer back.

A shocked Sahiba ends up dropping the medicines and Angad realises that Sahiba has overheard them.

Angad pleads with Sahiba to trust him as he wanted to tell her the truth and removes all the drips to walk to Sahiba.

He tells Sahiba that he did not know the matter will turn this serious and makes Sahiba understand that he only wanted to help Ajeet.

Sahiba tells Angad that it was not just a shop but her dreams and aspirations which are nothing more than ash now.

Further, Sahiba wiping her tears tells Angad that she wishes she could change their life while the nurse walks into their ward.

The nurse appreciates Angad’s recovery crediting Sahiba while Angad and Sahiba hear her quietly.

Meanwhile, Garry and Seerat return to the Brar Mansion while Jaspal and Veer discuss the meetings.

Just then, Jasleen tells Jaspal that Garry can take over the responsibilities of the office in Angad's absence.

However, Akaal walks in and tells Jasleen that she need not pressurise Garry with the responsibilities as Jaspal and Veer can shoulder their office work.

Akaal then scolds Garry and Jasleen reminding Garry’s betrayal of Angad and the family.

Garry tells Daarji that he has realised his mistakes and is trying his best to change.

Jasleen tells Daarji that Angad has accepted his apology but Daarji cuts her in between telling her that Angad has only saved the family from breaking.

Seerat tells Jasleen that if Daarji will not allow Garry to involve in business, then he might not have any dignity left while Jasleen taunts her to be quiet.

Elsewhere, Manveer and Indar reach the hospital to see Angad better and Angad tells them that Sahiba’s problems are his problems.

Manveer realises Sahiba’s presence in Angad’s ward and Angad tells that he called Sahiba to be with him.

Angad tells Manveer that he is solely responsible for the accident as he sent his man to offer Sahiba and the shopkeepers a deal to purchase their shops.

Ajeet gets shocked and questions Angad but Sahiba takes him out.

At the Monga house, Santosh washes the utensils and tells Tayyji that she will do everything in Ajeet's absence.

Just then, Tayyji sees Ajeet returning and Ajeet states to everyone that Angad only offered them to purchase their shop.

Keerat tells Tayyji that Angad is responsible for the disruption in their shop and Tayyji scolds Keerat for blaming Angad.

Santosh tells Ajeet that if Angad can do this much to cater for his responsibilities then how much can he do when he will love Sahiba.

Ajeet tells Santosh that this problem might make further distance in Sahiba and Angad’s relationship.

Back in the hospital, Sahiba gives the medicines to Angad and the nurse comes asking Sahiba to help Angad with sponge bathing.

Seeing Sahiba standing quietly, Angad asks the nurse to send the ward boy but Sahiba stops the nurse and agrees to help Angad. 

Angad tries taking his shirt off but seeing him in pain, Sahiba helps him with the shirt, asking him if the water is alright.

He nods while Sahiba holding her emotions aside helps Angad.

However, Angad tries speaking to Sahiba and requesting her to accept his apology.

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