Teri Meri Doriyaan 16th July 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 16th July 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 16th July 2023 Written Update: TMD written update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyaan 16th July 2023 episode starts with Sahiba asking Simran if she has not talked about her education to the warden.

Simran slips that she has been in the 3rd standard when she should have been in the 5th.

Simran embarrasses Angad-Sahiba!

Sahiba asks her why and Simran recalls the warden's warning as she lies that it is because the warden does not have the money.

Later, in the evening, Angad and Sahiba drop off Simran at the orphanage while she tells them her mother used to love her like this too and asks them if they will come again.

The couple happily agrees while Simran kisses Sahiba twice and tells her to pass on to Angad.

Sahiba promises her to do it later and bids Simran goodbye after which Angad and Sahiba decide to get Simrat's admission into a good school.

At home, Seerat waits for Angad and Sahiba impatiently while she admires the gift she brought for Angad.

The couple reaches home and is about to enter the house when Angad gets an urgent call from the office.

He tells Sahiba that he'll have to go to the office while Sahiba tells him that she'll get the dinner served for him.

Angad nods and is about to enter the house after Sahiba when Seerat stops him.

She tells him that she wants to thank him for his help and gives him a shirt as she starts seeing if it fits him or not.

Meanwhile, Sahiba watches them from the window and gets jealous seeing Seerat's hand on Angad's shoulder.

Veer comes there and tells Angad that he should leave immediately.

Angad gives him the gift bag and leaves telling him to inform Sahiba that he had to leave in a hurry and that he is going to stay the night at the farmhouse.

Sahiba sees Angad-Seerat alone at the farmhouse!

Sahiba feels unusual about Seerat's behaviour towards Angad while deciding to talk to her.

At the orphanage, the warden eyes the bundle of money while she tells the couple that they will get happy if they adopt Simran.

Just then, the warden gets a call from Sahiba who wants to talk about Simran's education when she gets shocked to learn that Simran has already been adopted by a family.

Sahiba feels that something is fishy and decides to talk to Angad about it face to face.

At the farmhouse, Seerat arrives and tells the servant that he can go home for the night as she starts cooking for herself and Angad.

Seerat decorates the whole house with candles and roses and waits for Angad when Sahiba comes there and gets shocked.

As Seerat pours glasses of wine, she accidentally drops it on her dress and goes to wash it while Angad arrives at the farmhouse.

He enters the farmhouse with his own keys and shouts for Gopal to set his dinner while he notices the decorations and the food.

Seerat comes there just then and he asks her why she's there while she asks him why he is acting like she is a stranger.

Sahiba has also arrived at the farmhouse and even calls Angad while he is busy confronting Seerat.

She goes through the window and sees Seerat with Angad as she opens the window to get inside.

Seerat tells Angad that she feels happy when she's with him and tells him to fulfill his promise.

Meanwhile, Angad tells her that he remembers his promise and is ready to support when Seerat asks him how as unfortunately he got married to Sahiba and how Sahiba snatched the life she deserved.

Sahiba confronts Angad!

He turns away from her when she asks him if he has fallen in love with Sahiba when he notices Sahiba.

Sahiba leaves from there with teary eyes while Angad goes after her telling her that he didn't know Seerat would be at the farmhouse.

Seerat comes out but the couple sends her back inside telling her not to interfere in their personal conversation.

Angad tries to tell the whole truth to Sahiba while she questions him asking why he didn't say anything when Seerat asked him if had fallen in love with Sahiba.

She says that he supports Seerat's ways since she thinks she can come to him anytime.

Angad asks her how should he do that while she tells him that he should make his boundaries clear with her.

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