Teri Meri Doriyaan 16th May 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 16th May 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 16th May 2023 Written Update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyaan 16th May 2023 episode starts with a heartbroken Angad drinking to evade his sorrow and heal his broken heart and fight a battle with his emotions.

Angad cries his heart thinking about Seerat’s disclosure of Garry’s evil side.

He feels shattered remembering his rude attitude with Sahiba and assumes Sahiba laughing over his condition and breaks the glass in a rage of anger.

Veer joins him and pacifies him while an inconsolable Angad breaks down in front of his younger brother Veer.

Tears roll down his face as Angad tells Veer that he always knew that Garry took him as his competitor and could go to this extent to hurt him.

He tells Veer that he cannot love Sahiba like he loved Seerat, although he will fulfil his responsibilities towards Sahiba and pours another drink for himself.

Veer makes Angad understand that it was Garry who was at fault and should stop punishing himself.

To find peace in his heart, Angad jumps into the swimming pool.

Meanwhile, Sahiba comes to Seerat and tells her to start her life on a fresh note.

Seerat tells Sahiba that it is easy for her to say this as she is already married and is a daughter-in-law of a respectable family like Brar's.

She says that she is tagged with the embarrassment of having two broken marriages.

Sahiba tells Seerat that getting married should not be the only purpose of life and Sahiba reminds Seerat how she never wanted to get married.

To distracts Seerat, Sahiba tells her to help her with her artwork and makes her realise the value of financial independence.

The next morning, Manveer is lost and about to hurt herself when Gurleen calls her out.

Japjyot tells Manveer to come out of the trauma and learn from Angad to handle herself.

As Jasleen joins everyone for breakfast, Manveer walks out while Jasleen seeks an apology from her and bears the brunt of Manveer’s anger.

Japjyot scolds Jasleen for upbringing Garry in the wrong way which has led him to take this path.

Further, Sahiba returns to the Brar Mansion and Jasleen passes another comment on Sahiba to put her down.

Jasleen blames Sahiba for creating a rift between the two brothers but Angad calls her out for blaming Sahiba for something she is not responsible for.

Angad excuses himself and leaves for the office while Manveer gets stressed for Angad and Japjyot tells Sahiba to take lunch for Angad to his office.

As the brother arrives at their office, a mob of media gathers around and bombards them with questions while Veer calms down the situation.

Irked by the questions, Angad yells at the reporters and gets into his office.

The board members in the meeting tell Angad that they need to cancel their deal because of their negative publicity while Angad walks out of the meeting.

Veer following Angad tells him that walking out of the meeting can give a bad impression to the clients and he should come back but an agitated Angad refuses his request.

The clients walk out of the meeting room and tell Angad to propose better designs that can make the deal survive.

Seeing the situation getting worse, Sahiba nervously tells the board members that they will make the changes as per their demand, leaving Angad and Veer shocked.

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