Teri Meri Doriyaan 17th February 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 17th February 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 17th February 2023 Written Update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyaan 17th February 2023 episode starts with Angad assuming to talk to Seerat and asks her if she loves him as he does not want her coerced into this marriage. 

Meanwhile, Sahiba who has received Seerat’s phone is worried about Angad’s questions and prays for Seerat’s return.   

Angad assumes her quietness is due to shyness and tells her not to be shy and openly tells him how she feels. 

Meanwhile, Garry tells Seerat that he will always be her friend and stand by her side as he has promised but with only three days in her marriage, nothing more can happen between them. 

Seerat threatens to leave him for it seems he does not care for her which makes Garry panic and he tries to stop her by saying he wants to know what she wants. 

Seerat holds his hands in her hand and asks him if he really does not know what she wants. 

Meanwhile, Angad asks Sahiba if there is someone beside her and tells her to only answer yes or no. 

In the meantime, Seerat asks Garry if he is equally serious for her as she is, and if yes then why is he not telling her what she wants to hear? 

Garry tells her that he loves her and that he wants to live his life with her.

He pretends to be honorable saying he cannot betray Angad who is not just a brother but his best friend. 

He tells her that he cannot hurt his brother while Seerat tells him that she cannot sacrifice her feeling for other people and that, he will have to stop this marriage as she only loves him. 

Garry tells her that he does not have the courage to tell Angad that he loves the girl that Angad is marrying. 

Seerat tells him that the only way they can be together is if they elope and marry. 

Meanwhile, Angad insists on Sahiba for the answer while Sahiba having no choice makes an affirmative sound. 

Angad feels happy and tells her that he is very eager to see her dressed in a Bridal dress. 

After a while, Seerat tells Garry that their family will not be able to stay angry at them for a long time and will forgive them soon.

She also tells him that if she cannot marry him then she will die. 

Garry pretends to be concerned and tells her to give him some time and he will definitely find a way. 

Afterward, Garry feels triumphant at manipulating Seerat to get to Angad and decides to have a celebration. 

After a while, Jasleen and Garry are enjoying a celebratory drink when Kiara comes to them, commenting on their happy mood. 

Garry tells them that he is planning a surprise for them all while Kiara tells Jasleen that she is waiting for the day when she will rule this house and make them follow her rules. 

Jasleen tells her that her dream will definitely come true as she is also planning a surprise for this family. 

Jasleen encourages Garry’s ambition in taking Angad down and reminds him that he has to avenge all the wrong that has been inflicted upon them in this house.

Later, Seerat sneaks into the house when Sahiba comes to confront Seerat for going out so late in the night. 

Sahiba tells her that she is definitely doing something wrong and tells her to not ruin everything for their mother who has so many hopes for this marriage. 

Sahiba also asks her what is she planning and why and where has she gone so late in the night especially when her marriage is so near. 

Seerat tells Sahiba that she is her elder sister and not answerable to her. 

Later, Sahiba tries to tell Seerat about Angad’s phone and looks puzzled to see Seerat's unconcerned attitude. 

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