Teri Meri Doriyaan 17th July 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 17th July 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 17th July 2023 Written Update: TMD written update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyaan 17th July 2023 episode starts with Angad running outside to catch Sahiba but she is already gone.

Meanwhile, Keerat calls Angad and informs him that Sahiba's birthday is near while he gets elated to hear it.

He asks Keerat to call Ajeet and Santosh too as they will throw a lavish birthday party for Sahiba.

Sahiba gives Angad the silent treatment

On the other hand, a lost Sahiba enters the Brar Mansion and gets asked by Gurleen why she didn't stay at her place.

Sahiba gets confused when Gurleen clarifies that Seerat informed her of Santosh's ill health as she left the house in a hurry late in the night.

Sahiba reluctantly agrees to cover up for Seerat as Gurleen asks her to rest as she looks so stressed out.

Later in the night, Sahiba is laying on the bed not facing Angad who asks her to talk to him or fight but not be silent.

However, Sahiba says that she has a headache and ignores him, upsetting Angad.

In the morning, an annoyed Seerat is folding her clothes and recalling last night as she asked Angad if he loves Sahiba.

She mumbles to herself that it is clear that he doesn't love Sahiba when suddenly, a knock pulls Seerat out of her thoughts.

It is Sahiba while Seerat mutters that the devil is here.

Sahiba confronts Seerat

However, Sahiba doesn't wait to bombard Seerat with questions, asking her why she lied and went to see Angad when she could have gone to his office also.

Seerat says that it is her life and she is free to do whatever she wants while Sahiba asks her why she didn't tell the truth.

Seerat gets more annoyed and tells Sahiba that she went to talk to Angad in a calm environment as she wanted to pour her heart out.

When Sahiba states that this could have been done at home too, Seerat accuses Sahiba of making her husband run away from her.

With a bad attitude, Seerat also reminds Sahiba that she and Angad have had a relationship in the past and it is him only who understands her.

However, Sahiba shuts her up by saying that it is Seerat only who ran away on her wedding day with Angad.

Warden has made a deal out of Simran

Later, Angad pleads with Sahiba to talk to her but she asks him to explain to Seerat to not cross her boundaries.

Angad agrees, stating he will do that but at the right time as Seerat is already suffering due to Garry but Sahiba asks him to then wait when one day, all boundaries will be crossed.

He immediately grabs her hands to calm her down.

Sahiba then goes to meet Simran alone after shunning Angad down.

At the orphanage, Sahiba gets informed that Simran has been adopted while the warden eyes her with annoyance.

As Sahiba meets a few children outside and bends down, just then, Indar (Angad's father) also enters the orphanage to ask about Simran.

However, the lady also tells him that Simran is not in this orphanage, mumbling that she cannot tell anyone about the deal she made.

Indar gets angry

At Brar Mansion, Angad is looking at cake designs for Sahiba's birthday on his laptop and calls Keerat for a second suggestion.

Meanwhile, Seerat passes by from there and gets curious to see Angad call Keerat but the signal doesn't allow him to talk.

When Seerat asks Angad what he is looking at, he becomes awkward causing Seerat to say that she won't trouble him anymore as both he and Sahiba think of her as a burden.

Angad tells her that Sahiba has valid reasons to be upset as Seerat should understand her limit but Seerat continues the victim game.

Indar scolds someone on the call saying he gave him the wrong information as Simran is not in the orphanage.

Meanwhile, Sahiba also gets to know through the kids that Simran is here only while another staff hears this and informs warden of the same.

Before Sahiba can interrogate further, the warden asks her to leave and not believe what the kids say.

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