Teri Meri Doriyaan 18th April 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 18th April 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 18th April 2023 Written Update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyaan 18th April 2023 episode starts with Angad asking his manager to reschedule his meetings with Mr Singhania and the diamond traders as they are trying to mislead him about the quality.

He says that they cannot lie or cheat Angad Singh Brar while he is referring to Sahiba as her one lie has changed his life.

Veer asks the manager to step out as he needs to talk to Angad.

He then tells Angad to go back home and take care of himself as he is still stuck with Sahiba's doing.

While Japjyot enters and cuts Veer in between, she informs them that Angad will not go anywhere as his work is his happy place and knows Angad better than anyone.

She asks Angad to accept Sahiba as his wife and start afresh with him and not to talk about Seerat anymore.

In the Brar house, Rabjyot and Hansraj comment on Angad's life and his saving Seerat from drowning while Manveer interrupts him for not saying unnecessary things.

He tells Manveer that she always misunderstands him although he just spoke his mind and Rabjyot agrees.

Manveer tells them that these Monga sisters are not worthy of Angad while Japjyot asks her where is Sahiba.

When Manveer speaks poorly of Sahiba, Japjyot tries pacifying Manveer to accept Sahiba as a family member and keep a check on her.

Manveer tells her that she does not care as she is the reason Angad has started drinking and cannot fathom her son crying for an unworthy girl.

Japjyot tells Manveer that misunderstandings often break relationships and this should not happen with them.

Jasleen makes a snarky comment on Sahiba's arrival while Japjyot enquires about Sahiba about Seerat's well-being.

Jasleen and Rabjyot make nasty comments to demean Sahiba and Seerat as Jasleen cooks up a story about Seerat's pregnancy and that is the reason for not disclosing the name of the boy.

Sahiba commends her for having such an evil mind and assures her that she will tell her the name of the boy.

As Sahiba is lost in her thoughts, Angad enters and bashes her for planning everything.

Angad tells Sahiba that she did everything to enter the Brar house and even objected to meeting Seerat because she never wanted anyone to know about her plan.

He tells her that Seerat realizing her mistakes tried committing suicide and blames Sahiba again.

Sahiba tells Angad that it is of no use to talk to him and leaves but Angad pulls her back and says that she is afraid that her truth might come out.

He bashes Sahiba for their meetings pre-wedding and reminds her about the Lohri when he scolded her for not following him.

In the Monga house, Seerat is looking at Sahiba's wedding pictures and says she could have gotten all this and gets stuck at Garry's pictures.

Santosh snatches the phone and warns her to not create any further mess and asks Seerat to do household chores.

Seerat tells Santosh that she does not know how to do all this while Santosh reprimands her again.

Meanwhile, Sahiba assures Angad that she will find the man within seven days and will tell him the truth.

She requests Angad to keep everything between them as this involves her sister Seerat who is already hated by his family members as disclosing anything will add drama.

Angad agrees with Sahiba and tells her that he will not disclose it to anyone.

Manveer, standing at the door asks Angad about the same while Angad and Sahiba stand there surprised.

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