Teri Meri Doriyaan 18th February 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 18th February 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 18th February 2023 Written Update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyaan 18th February 2023 episode starts with Santosh arriving at a real estate agent’s office with her property papers.

The real estate agent cheerfully welcomes Santosh who gives him the property papers.

Santosh informs the agent that her elder daughter, Seerat, is getting married to Angad Brar so she needs money.

The agent’s eyes widen as Santosh mentions that she wants to keep the Monga house as mortgage.

When the agent reminds Santosh that Ajeet is very attached to his home, Santosh announces that Ajeet does not know how to upgrade his logic with time.

Santosh even says that she will return all the money in installments once Seerat’s marriage is done, making the agent doubt her.

As the agent keeps asking Santosh if she can return the money, Santosh pretends to get hurt.

Afterward, the agent informs Santosh that he can only give 10 lakhs for that old house, causing Santosh’s face to fall as she was hoping to get 50 lakhs.

However, when Santosh shows the agent the property papers, the agent increases the amount to 20 lakhs.

The agent again asks Santosh if she is sure about this to which Santosh replies that 20 lakhs are just dirt off her hands.

Meanwhile, in Monga house, Seerat is anxiously waiting for Santosh’s return as she needs to tell Santosh about her love for Gary.

Just then, two salesmen arrive there with bags full of salwar, lehengas, and sarees, causing Seerat's eyes to pop out in shock.

Seerat starts looking through the items, forgetting all about her worry while Sahiba gets confused when the salesman reveals that someone ordered this from this house only.

At the same time, arriving at home, Santosh reveals that she is the one who ordered all this stuff worth 5 lakhs.

Sahiba keeps asking Santosh how she got this much money but Santosh dodges Sahiba’s questions like a pro.

Santosh even chooses a lehenga for Sahiba which Seerat snatches away, stating that it is her wedding.

When Santosh tries to walk away, Keerat returns and interrogates Santosh about meeting the property dealer with the property papers.

Santosh thinks this Bahubali has seen her which has caused her trouble but Keerat mentions that Chawla uncle is not a milkman so Santosh can never have any reason to meet him.

Keerat’s reply makes Santosh angry and she shoots daggers at Keerat through her eyes.

When Keerat asks Santosh if she has sold their house, Santosh pretends to have a heart attack but Sahiba orders Santosh to reveal how she got the money.

Santosh conjures up the lie that Sudha has given these gifts to Seerat which makes Sahiba upset.

Sahiba scolds Santosh for spreading her hand in front of Sudha as it will upset Ajeet.

Santosh walks away after ordering Sahiba to keep her mouth shut since she cannot arrange the money for Seerat's lavish wedding.

Afterward, in-room, Santosh gets nervous as she gets the call from Mandeep who orders her to meet and Santosh thinks that Mandeep may want to cancel the wedding.

Hearing this, Seerat gets happy as she hopes her groom gets replaced with Gary.

Later, Santosh gets overjoyed as Mandeep announces that they have hired a wedding planner, named Lucky Arora, who will arrange the wedding in grad resort.

Once Santosh comes back, she starts making the list to take to the wedding venue but Sahiba announces that she will not go.

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