Teri Meri Doriyaan 18th June 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 18th June 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 18th June 2023 Written Update: TMD written update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyaan 18th June 2023 episode starts with Angad telling Sahiba that he called Keerat because he wanted to see her shop.

Sahiba tells Angad that he knew the shop's address and why did he want to see a shop that has turned into ashes.

Just then, Manveer walks into their room and excitedly tells Angad that she is delighted to know that he went out for a drive.

Further, she informs him to get ready for the langar as well.

Manveer asks Sahiba if she wants to come along and Sahiba nods saying that she prayed for Angad's well-being as well.

Manveer tells Sahiba that she should visit Gurudwara only if she has overcome all the malign feelings against Angad and Sahiba assures her that she has no negative emotions for Angad.

Meanwhile, Kiara returns to the Brar Mansion and nervously calls Jatan who does not answer her calls.

She further receives Natasha's call and gets irritated and screams at her and in a hurry drops her medical reports which get picked up by a house staff.

At the Gurudwara, Angad and Sahiba take Babaji's blessings and Manveer sees Angad admiring Sahiba and takes him along with her.

Jasleen gets shocked seeing Kiara bowing down and seeking Babaji's blessings.

Garry jokes with Jasleen about Kiara's changed behaviour and Kiara tells them that she wanted to express her gratitude.

Elsewhere, Sahiba does the sewa and Angad joins her but he feels pain while serving and Sahiba helps him with the sewa.

Gurleen and Jaspal see them together and wishes to Babaji for a beautiful future together for Angad and Sahiba.

Just then, Seerat walks to Garry and asks him to perform the sewa together but Garry mocks her for pretending to be nice in front of the family members.

Garry bashes Seerat saying that she has married him forcefully and will only receive taunts from him.

Further, Seerat applauds Angad for getting better and Angad credits Sahiba for his quick recovery.

Seerat observes Angad-Sahiba together and musters that she wants to talk to Angad but he is only talking about Sahiba.

Manveer asks Japjyot if the family shall sit for the langar and Seerat loses her balance and grabs Angad's hand.

Seeing Seerat holding Angad, Jasleen mumbles that Seerat and Angad are seen together only these days.

At the Brar Mansion, Gurleen applauds Manveer's happiness and Veer credits Sahiba for Manveer's happiness.

Just then, Angad comes along and informs everyone that he will be joining the office tomorrow and assures everyone that Veer will be by his side to take care of him.

Seerat signals to Angad and Angad tells Daarji if they can allow Garry to join the office but Daarji refuses Angad's plea telling Angad to not request for Garry ever.

Gurleen finds medical reports on the table and Manveer gets shocked reading the report along with Indar.

However, Gurleen and Jaspal excitedly inform everyone that Sahiba is pregnant leaving everyone baffled.

Sahiba realises that Kiara got her pregnancy test done in her name while Seerat and Manveer contemplate Sahiba's pregnancy.

Gurleen and Veer congratulate the couple and Gurleen asks Japjyot and Daarji if they still cannot believe the good news.

Manveer cuts Gurleen in between and asks Angad how is this possible while Sahiba sees Kiara pleading with her in signals.

Sahiba tells everyone that the reports are correct as she is pregnant while Angad stands still in shock.

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