Teri Meri Doriyaan 19th April 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 19th April 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 19th April 2023 Written Update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyaan 19th April 2023 episode starts with Sahiba asking Angad to make sure that he keeps the secret between them while Manveer interrupts him to enquire about what Sahiba has asked him to share with anyone while he denies it.

Manveer gets frustrated with his answers and tells him that he is choosing Sahiba over his mother and has forgotten the pain Sahiba has given him.

Agitated by his behaviour, Manveer rushes out of the room while Angad follows her.

Meanwhile, Seerat is cleaning the house as Tayyji asks Santosh to behave a little softly towards Seerat.

Santosh tells Tayyji that being soft-hearted with Seerat is only responsible for the current situation .

She is stressed about Seerat’s future as nobody will marry her now while Seerat standing afar hears her mother and thinks about her marriage.

Manveer, in the Brar Mansion, rushes out while Angad is pleading with her to hear him out.

Manveer decides to leave Brar Mansion!

Manveer informs him that he does not even want to live in this house while Akaal Singh Brar asks her what is she talking about.

Daadi tells Manveer to not speak ill words.

Manveer informs everyone that Angad is choosing Sahiba over her and keeping the promise he made to her by not sharing with his mother.

Jaspreet taunts Manveer about married sons being in control of their wives while Sahiba calls Manveer ma’am not to decide anything in haste and asks her to trust her.

Manveer bashes Sahiba for not to come in between as she tells her to be within her boundaries.

Just then, Keerat enters and calls Manveer out for creating a scene while Sahiba is shocked to find her and asks her to not misbehave.

She greets everyone and tells them that she is here to return gifts Sahiba forgot at Monga's house.

Keerat and Manveer's war of words!

Keerat asks Manveer to never blame Sahiba for the things she never did.

She asks Manveer to change her views as perspectives will change automatically. She taunts Manveer for having such harsh thoughts for Sahiba.

Angad calls out Keerat for insulting his mother while Sahiba stops Keerat as she has spoken enough.

Hansraj adds fuel to the fire by instigating Manveer.

Keerat tells him that it is all about mindset while an irked Manveer looks at her.

She tells Manveer to make sure that she eats the sweets so that her bitter thoughts turn into sweet ones and laughs.

Sahiba stops Keerat while Manveer bashes her.

Hansraj and Rabjyot make their sly comments about Keerat as she is also there to make Brar’s life worse.

Keerat takes a sweet and offers it to Manveer while she pushes her hand away and throws the sweet box as well, leaving everyone in shock.

Daadi tells Manveer that she shouldn't have insulted the food while she reverts back that they do not need Saugat(gift ) from traitors.

Everything has crossed her tolerance level.

Manveer blames Sahiba for controlling and manipulating Angad while Hansraj provokes Manveer for a changed Angad.

He tells everyone about the other day when Angad was getting his back massaged by Sahiba in Monga's house.

Angad tries pacifying Manveer for not leaving her house as he cannot bear this pain.

Manveer asks Angad to make Sahiba leave while Jaspreet makes sure that she leaves no opportunity to insult Sahiba.

She makes a snarky comment on Angad’s silence and his wedding with Sahiba.

Keerat reprimands Manveer about how can she force her son to leave his wife.

She tells them that Sahiba has her house and can go there of her own will leaving everyone shocked.

Keerat tells Sahiba to come along with her as everyone bashes her in Brar's house. 

However, Sahiba tries to make her understand but she takes her hand and leaves along with her.

Manveer is unconscious!

Angad comes in between and takes Sahiba’s hand and says Sahiba is not going anywhere and stay in Brar Mansion only.

He tells Sahiba in a low tone that he cannot believe Sahiba and wants to keep her with him so that he cannot mislead her.

This provokes Manveer even more as she announces her decision of leaving the house as Angad has decided to choose Sahiba over his mother.

While Angad tries stopping Manveer, she falls unconscious.

He takes her in the hall as Veer calls the family doctor. Sahiba comes to her rescue and makes her eat a sweet and asks everyone to get aside.

Angad blames Sahiba for Manveer’s condition and asks her to stop pretending.

Angad tells Sahiba that Manveer was right as she doesn’t deserve to stay in Brar Mansion.

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