Teri Meri Doriyaan 19th February 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 19th February 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 19th February 2023 Written Update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyaan 19th February 2023 episode starts with Santosh making Seerat’s wedding guest list.

When Sahiba mentions that she will not attend the wedding, Santosh advises her to come with them since there will be so much work to handle.

Hearing this, Keerat announces that Santosh should have cleared that she wants a servant in Sahiba.

This makes Santosh furious and she reminds everyone that Sahiba and Angad have a very excellent friendship bond sarcastically.

Even Seerat chimes in stating that she does not want any problem with her wedding so it will be better if Sahiba does not come.

On the other hand, Manveer tells Lucky, the wedding planner to arrange everything perfectly.

Gurleen then orders Angad to say what kind of themes he wants to which Angad replies that his mom will select the best things for him with a shy smile.

Arriving there just then, Veer tells everyone that on the engagement night, Angad was very eager to meet Seerat and now he is back being mamma’s boy.

He even says that he will arrange the sehra for Angad when Lucky mentions that they need to find sehra for Angad.

Gary who is watching all this lets out a cynical laugh as Angad will wear the sehra whereas it is he who will marry Seerat.

Meanwhile, in Monga’s house, Seerat thinks that it is better that Sahiba does not come because she cannot hide from Sahiba’s eyes so her plan of eloping with Gary will get flopped.

At the same time, the doorbell rings and when Seerat opens it slightly, she finds Veer standing there.

When Seerat informs Santosh about Veer, they both run inside the room to hide, and Sahiba opens the door.

Veer greets Sahiba with a cheerful smile, saying he is here to request her to make a sehra for his big brother Angad for his wedding.

Sahiba walks away after refusing to decorate any sehra for Angad causing Veer’s face to fall and he runs after her.

Veer then decides to talk to Sahiba’s mom Santosh to make her agree to this whereas Santosh tells Manveer on call that she will be at Brar’s house very soon.

Sahiba pulls Veer back by announcing that she will not change her mind and Veer offers her a bundle of cash.

Just then, Keerat snatches away the money from Veer’s hand and puts the dumble in his hand.

Dragging Sahiba away, Keerat reminds her that they need a lot of money right now for Seerat’s wedding so they should take the money from Veer for the craft.

Sahiba tells Veer that she will make the sehra by the end of the evening bringing a bright smile to Veer’s face.

Veer then gets a call from Angad who asks him if he is in front of Sahiba’s shop and Veer’s mouth slips that he is at her home.

Before Angad can say anything more, Veer cuts the call.

Later, Angad sends sherwani pictures to Seerat who orders Sahiba to choose an outfit for Angad saying that she is not good at choosing men’s outfits.

Sahiba reluctantly chooses one outfit for Angad making Angad smile in the shop and he tells Manveer that he will pick the same one only.

Meanwhile, Angad gets even happier when Seerat arrives there and Manveer announces that she wanted Seerat to choose the outfit with Angad today.

Later, when Sahiba goes to give Veer the sehra, she gets a phone call informing her that she has got a contract of decorating the flowers in a wedding.

Just then, Angad comes back at the same time and Veer urges Sahiba to hide.

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