Teri Meri Doriyaan 19th March 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 19th March 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 19th March 2023 Written Update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyaan 19th March 2023 episode starts with Angad thanking Inder for coming to his rescue.

He goes on to say that Inder’s arrival is the best thing that has happened amidst this drama.

Inder tells Angad that he has always seen Angad being the head of the family but for this first time, he has seen Angad stumbling in his responsibility.

Pulling Angad in for a hug, Inder advises him to face the media bravely.

On the other hand, Jasleen is descending the stairs with a pensive expression on her face and when she reaches the hall, Gary urges her to not worry.

Gary tells Jasleen that he has lured the media behind Angad already so very soon, Manveer will get the taste of her own medicine for slapping Jasleen.

Meanwhile, Angad gets attacked by the reporters about Sahiba’s absence whereas Rabjyot rubs salt on Manveer's wound by remarking that she is sure that Sahiba will arrive late in her middle-class clothes.

On the other hand, Seerat looks around in her waiter disguise and she has painted her white skin in black color with a mole on her chin and is wearing big glasses and a cap.

She is serving the guests soft drinks keeping her head lowered as she does not want anyone to find out who she is.

In the meantime, Manveer's anger continues to rise as the guests start gossiping about Sahiba being late and how this reception smells fishy.

Hearing the comments, Japjyot questions Daar ji about why he sent her to talk to Sahiba since she has still not arrived who in return questions Japjyot about what she has told Sahiba.

Japjyot replies that she told Sahiba that she has the responsibility to keep the Brar family's reputation which brings a smile to Daar Ji's face and he announces that he knows Sahiba will arrive very soon.

One of the reporters asks Angad why they are doing the drama if Sahiba is not ready to come when Veer urges the reporters to enjoy the party instead of bombarding Angad with questions.

Manveer comes to rescue Angad who herself gets trapped by the reporters as they ask her if she is torturing Sahiba since she is not a high-class girl.

Gary enjoys Manveer and Angad getting humiliated a little too much but his happiness does not last long as Sahiba appears at the entrance introducing herself as Sahiba Kaur Brar.

Everyone feels relieved seeing Sahiba while Gary and Jasleen look like they have seen a ghost.

Meanwhile, Angad and Sahiba start bantering with each other about Sahiba being late while they make their way to the stage and Sahiba remarks that she arrived here to save Angad's family reputation despite him treating her family badly.

She goes on to say that it took her some time to look presentable for a high-class party while Angad just turns away.

Afterward, the reporters urge Angad to pose with Sahiba but Angad refuses by saying that just a few moments ago the reporters were being brutal to him.

He is about to walk away when Sahiba remarks that Angad does not want to pose with her and Gary gets extremely happy hearing this as he assumes today firecrackers will break.

However, Sahiba adds that Angad is not used to posing like this and then she grabs Angad's hand to pose reminding Angad that the reporters will find some gossip themselves if they don't keep up the act.

On the other hand, Japjyot expresses her worry about Angad's feelings for Seerat but Manveer requests her to not take her name.

Daar ji states that Angad and Sahiba are made for each other.

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