Teri Meri Doriyaan 1st February 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 1st February 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 1st February 2023 Written Update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyaan 1st February 2023 episode starts with Gurleen asking Santosh if Seerat is the only daughter of her family and Santosh firmly agrees to it since she wants Seerat to get married to Angad at any cost.

Meanwhile, Jasleen asks Santosh about Seerat's qualifications to which she responds "My Seerat is an all arounder".

Jasleen also asks Santosh if Seerat is the only daughter, then the whole property might be under her name to which Santosh nods in agreement. 

Japjyot admires the qualities that Seerat carries and without wasting much time, she asks for Seerat's hand for Angad and fixes the alliance if Santosh doesn't have any objections to it.

Santosh loses her calmness and becomes over-excited hearing the proposal and accepts Biji's decision in one go.

Meanwhile, Manveer asks Santosh to think about the proposal as it's a question of her daughter's life.

However, Santosh is more than ready to fix Seerat and Angad's wedding.

Jasleen makes a toast for Seerat and Angad since there's no objection raised, however, Gurleen interrupts her by saying a sudden "No".

Meanwhile, Seerat and Angad begin to talk about their interests in marketing in the cafeteria. 

However, Seerat internally feels the only interest she's left with is for the "diamonds" that Angad owns.

Seerat starts to feel bored with Angad and tries to escape him by asking the waiter to present their bill.

Seerat eagerly pays the bill as she doesn't want Angad to know about the complementary coffee offered by Garry.

However, Seerat gets shocked to see the amount of the bill since the payment of two coffees is added to the bill instead of one.

Back at Brar house, Jasleen questions Manveer about her forbidding the alliance, making Santosh a little worried so.

Manveer expresses that she wants the alliance to be fixed with Ajeet being with them also at their house.

Left with no choice, Santosh accepts the arrival of Brars at her small, Monga house.

Meanwhile, Seerat pays the bills and asks Angad to drop her home as she has got some marketing work to do.

Later, Sahiba reaches the cafe, to make sure Seerat is okay but the waiter informs her that Seerat just left minutes ago.

On the way to drop Seerat home, Angad and Seerat have a boring conversation about their hobbies wherein Seerat feels she's in a science class instead of a date.

She tells Angad about social media marketing tips to enhance the business to which he carefully listens.

Internally, Seerat just wants to get rid of Angad's boring questions and asks him to drop her off right away as she wants to walk alone to her home.

Opening the car door, Angad tells Seerat that he will accompany her to the house as a gentleman never leaves his lady alone.

Since Seerat never wants Angad to come to her house, she makes up the excuse of mediation that she prefers to do it alone.

Angad sees off Seerat while she is excited to tell Santosh about the diamond ring that Garry gave her.

She appreciates Garry's uniqueness and calls Angad very boring and stingy.

Seerat throws the bouquet and chocolates in the dustbin as she starts to catch feelings for Garry due to his coolness.

Meanwhile, when Angad returns home, he meets Sahiba who appears in front of him.

Sahiba argues with Angad for his irresponsible nature of making someone wait till his arrival due to his pride.

Angad questions Sahiba about how she knows everything while Sahiba stops the conversation due to a flashback of Seerat insulting her.

Angad claims Sahiba is greedy for money, which is why she is spying on him for so long.

He then comments about Sahiba's personality for getting her into his bedroom as he showers money on Sahiba and requests her to take all of it and never see him again.

Sahiba raises her hand at Angad for his behavior but he stops her.

People start gathering and begin to question Angad Brar's reputation upon seeing this drama making Angad warn Sahiba.

However, Sahiba retorts back by saying he is questioning her personality by throwing money at her.

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