Teri Meri Doriyaan 20th May 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 20th May 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 20th May 2023 Written Update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyaan 20th May 2023 episode starts with Jaspal, excitedly, informing Daarji about getting the contract.

In the meantime, Veer and Angad enter the house and Veer joyfully tells Daarji that the deal has been expanded as well.

Daarji applauds Angad assuming him to pacifying the clients but Veer tells Daarji that it was Sahiba and not Angad who sealed the deal.

Furious Daarji asks Veer to leave and asks Angad about Sahiba’s involvement as he tells Angad that the women of the Brar family do not work outside.

Hansraj taunts Angad for letting Sahiba work as she is trying to replace Garry in the Brar jewellers.

Jasleen tells Daarji that he did not even let her join the business and calls him out for changing the rules in the house.

Daarji tells Jasleen to not make everything about her but Angad promises Akaal that Sahiba will not work in the Brar jewellers from now onwards.

On the other hand, Garry videocalls Jasleen and tells her that he called Angad but couldn’t talk to him.

However, Jasleen suggests he seek an apology from Angad on his birthday.

Meanwhile, Sahiba enters Angad’s room and is about to change but an unaware Angad barges into the room as well.

Angad, further, apologises to Sahiba but tells her to make rules in the room so that they don’t fight every day on the same issue.

He suggests to Sahiba a fair way to decide the sides in the room and as he steps toward Sahiba and is about to get imbalanced but they save each other in time.

Angad gets two straps to put it on the eyes and is about to throw the cushion but Sahiba intervenes and tells him to allow her to throw the cushion.

Angad intentionally takes a thread out of the cushion to win the game.

Sahiba and Angad taunt one-another and bump into each other and get into each other’s arms making the thread leave from Angad’s hand.

Further, Sahiba gets the cushion while Angad finds the thread and pulls the cushion toward him and Sahiba bashes him for stealing the cushion from her.

She tells Angad that he has cheated and they both pull the cushion from each other and fall on the bed.

Sahiba and Angad take the cloth strap from their eyes realising that they are trapped in the thread with the cushion.

As Sahiba blames Angad for trapping her with him, he irritatingly tells Sahiba that he has never been short of girls and need not trap Sahiba atleast.

After a while, as they free themselves from the thread, Sahiba goes to bed and Angad takes the couch and falls.

Sahiba suggests Angad to share the bed as he will not be comfortable on the couch.

Further, they draw the boundaries on the bed with threads and sleep on their respective sides.

Angad catches Sahiba looking at him and Sahiba awkwardly changes her side.

The next morning, Sahiba video calls Seerat to join her in the shop for their business.

Seerat, cautious of her mistakes tells Sahiba that she is afraid of making any mistakes.

However, Sahiba pacifies Seerat to take the first step towards a change in her life.

An emotional Seerat thanks Sahiba for standing by her side and being her voice in the testing times.

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