Teri Meri Doriyaan 21st March 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 21st March 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 21st March 2023 Written Update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyaan 21st March 2023 episode starts with Inder telling Manveer that Sahiba is being the perfect better half of Angad.

He admits that he is unsure if Sahiba is smart or just a good actress while Manveer starts thinking deeply.

Manveer starts walking when Jasleen suddenly calls her but Manveer resumes walking saying that she does not want to talk.

Jasleen watches Manveer leaving with a sneer and Gary orders her to not be bothered by Manveer’s cold shoulder.

Jasleen whispers that she is not going to leave Brar’s mansion so she needs to be on Manveer’s good side.

She reveals that one attempt of hers has ruined Angad’s life and that her next plan will prove Angad is unfit of being the head of Brar jewelers so Gary’s path will be cleared.

Meanwhile, Seerat approaches Angad and Sahiba with some soft drinks, her head clouded with the memories of her and Angad’s engagement.

She stumbles on her feet and Angad pulls Sahiba toward him before the glass can harm Sahiba and their eyes meet for a brief moment after which they part away quickly.

Gary along with Angad yells at Seerat for being careless due to which tears prickle Seerat's eyes.

Seerat tries to walk away when Gary holds her hand and gets surprised to find some black color on his finger tips.

An electric current run through Gary's body as he realizes that this waiter is none other than Seerat so he shields Seerat as Sahiba comes forward to see Seerat's face.

Angad orders Seerat to clean the mess and as Seerat lowers to do so, she feels all eyes on her which scares and humiliates her at the same time.

She runs away from there with Gary following her while Sahiba stands there feeling confused as she can feel that she has seen the waiter somewhere.

Gary takes Seerat to in the isolated area to question her if she has gone mad for coming here like this and Seerat reveals that she was forced to be here to get answers from Gary.

She screams that Gary is ghosting her so she needs answers to which Gary replies that Seerat needs to learn to be patient.

With radiating anger, Seerat tells Gary that still, she cannot understand why Gary wants to hide everything from the Brar family.

Meanwhile, Sahiba asks Veer about Gary's absence from her wedding and Veer reveals that their shop caught fire so Gary went to check on it.

Sahiba feels fishy about Gary's shady behavior toward the servant so she decides to go to the bottom of this.

Looking at Sahiba with Angad, Gurleen announces that they should appreciate Sahiba for arriving there despite being angry since no one can really know how much unhappy she is in this house.

Japjyot also admits that she does not know Sahiba fully yet she can confirm that Sahiba has a tremendous amount of patience. 

When Daar ji also start praising Sahiba, Manveer reveals that she does not know what magic Sahiba has done on him and Gurleen as they cannot find any fault in Sahiba.

Inder also blames Daae ji for ruining Angad's life but no body pays any attention to his words.

On the other hand, Gary gets shocked to see the police officer entering the hall so he asks them about it.

The police officer tells Gary that he is here to give information about Seerat and Gary tries his best to stop them from entering but the officer does not listen to him.

Gary's problem continues to rise as Seerat also threatens to reveal the truth to the police officer with whom she was spending the night and he orders Seerat to hide. 

Later, everyone except Daar Ji and Gurleen blames Sahiba for going to the police station without telling them when the police officer approaches them.

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