Teri Meri Doriyaan 21st May 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 21st May 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 21st May 2023 Written Update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyaan 21st May 2023 episode starts with Japjyot asking Sahiba where is Angad to which Sahiba replies that she doesn't know.

Sahiba's reply amuses Japjyot as she says she doesn't know about Angad's whereabouts when she and he are staying in one room.

Hansraj and Rabjyot who are also present at the breakfast table pick up this topic early in the morning to be discussed which annoys Daar Ji.

Hansraj comments that no one even got to know what Angad and Sahiba are saying in one room while Daar Ji sarcastically asks him what is the big deal as they are husband and a wife.

Angad hears this and appears at the table when Japjyot says today's a big day for Angad as his parents who fight a lot always come together.

Sahiba gets confused when Veer informs her that today is Angad's birthday.

Just then, Manveer and Indar come from the gurudwara and dote on Angad, wishing him a very happy birthday, followed by others.

Meanwhile, Sahiba stands still, not knowing what to do when Daar Ji urges her to come forward.

Sahiba standing away from Angad wishes him his birthday while Veer urges her to shake hands with him.

Just then, Angad's expression turns sour and Indar guesses it is due to Garry.

However, Angad doesn't speak about it too much and Jasleen internally questions how much time will Angad take to forgive Garry.

Japjyot then says they will throw him a party but Angad asks them to make it very small.

As Angad leaves the hall, Japjyot urges Sahiba to lend her hand too as she is Angad's wife while Jasleen stops Angad midway and wishes him happy birthday separately.

Later as Angad is driven to his office, he sees Seerat with her face hidden, unable to go inside a crowded bus.

He then calls her name and she comes to sit with him inside the car.

Seeing Seerat's emotional condition when she reveals she is hiding her face is not due to heat but what people will think of her, Angad gets into contemplation.

Seerat further says that the face she used to be proud of today is only asking to be hidden now.

After Angad leaves Seerat at Gol Chowk, she goes to Sahiba who has already started working in her pottery workshop.

Both sisters hug each other when Seerat reveals that Angad dropped her while Sahiba questions if he said something rude to her.

Seerat denies it while Sahiba tries to pump her spirits to become independent and reveals she will go a bit early as today is Angad's birthday.

Seerat feels guilty that she should have wished him in the car.

Meanwhile, at Brar Mansion as Sahiba is decorating the house, Manveer scolds Sahiba for not using Angad's favourite colour as the theme of the party.

Just then, Gurleen comes there and approaches Veer who tells her that he went to get a new coat for Angad and shows it to them.

As it turns out the colour Angad chose is similar to what Sahiba chose and this shuts Manveer up while Sahiba tries to hide her smile.

Just then, Rabjyot makes a snarky comment saying Sahiba got to know a lot about Angad just in one night.

Meanwhile, Garry appears to be guilty and touches Angad's feet for forgiveness after Angad exits the office.

However, Angad can only remember Seerat's confessions and calls security on Garry.

When he gets inside the car, he gets teary-eyed but quickly wipes them away.

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