Teri Meri Doriyaan 22nd April 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 22nd April 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 22nd April 2023 Written Update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyaan 22nd April 2023 episode starts with Sahiba enacting Angad while bombarding questions as Angad would while Angad taunts her for not being in her senses.

She tells him that she is saving only his energy as these are the questions going on in his mind.

While Angad seeks the answers from her, Sahiba reminds him of the seven-day challenge.

In the Brar Mansion, Angad feeds Manveer and pacifies her while she imposes questions on him regarding his relationship with Sahiba.

Angad assures her that nothing is happening between him and Sahiba and asks her to take care of herself.

Japjyot tells Manveer that stress only adds misery to human life and reminds her about doctor's advice to rest.

Garry comes to Manveer and enquires about her health while Jasleen tells him about Manveer's low sugar levels.

Rabjyot blames Sahiba for Manveer's condition while Daadi calls them out for putting Sahiba in the bad light.

Garry provokes Angad about not being soft-hearted towards Sahiba as she and her sister ruined his life.

Gurleen interrupts Garry to stop agitating everyone and respect the relations while he taunts that relationships cannot work on lies and cheating.

He calls Sahiba a bad woman as she is trapping Angad in her grip.

Sahiba overhears Garry speaking ill about her and calls out Garry for his experiences with girls.

She applauds him for caring about Angad and enquires Garry about his visit to the hospital and working day and night in the office.

Garry, nervously, answers Sahiba that he has handled all the meetings and gets frustrated with a call on his phone.

Sahiba asks Garry to answer the phone as they can wait for him till he answers.

However, Garry leaves while Seerat asks him if his call was received by Sahiba since she didn't pick it up.

He blames Seerat for being so careless with her phone and tells her about Sahiba questioning him downstairs.

Meanwhile, Angad asks Sahiba for questioning Garry but she asks him about his behaviour check when Garry was speaking ill about her.

While, on the call, Seerat asks Garry to not raise his voice at her and reminds him of the voice note.

Garry, coyly, asks Seerat about what he can do for her.

Seerat blames Garry for ruining her life when all her dreams were about to be fulfilled.

She tells him to give a happy ending to her story and asks him to talk to the families about their marriage within seven days.

Garry is shocked to see a changed Seerat as he contemplates her changed tone.

He decides to handle Seerat with time as any action in haste might ruin the situation.

Just then, Garry is shocked to find Sahiba in his room while she taunts him for breaking relations once the needs are fulfilled.

He tells her that he does not get what she is trying to convey but Sahiba asks Garry about his acquaintance with Seerat, reminding him about incidences with Seerat when he saved her from goons.

He asks Sahiba to not poke her nose in everyone's matters and gets hurt by the door while Sahiba taunts him for keeping a check on himself before advising others.

However, Sahiba wonders about Angad's reaction and decides to collect evidence before she discloses Garry's secret.

Veer enters her room and compliments her for the beautiful designs and tells Sahiba about Angad's soft side which she can see once they leave their misunderstandings aside.

He tells her that time can only be known by watches and love only through arguments.

Sahiba takes the kurta her father gave her for Angad and goes to his room.

Meanwhile, Manveer asks Angad about taking Sahiba for a drive while he informs her that he is only keeping a watch on her.

He clears Manveer's doubts about her assumption regarding his relationship with Sahiba while Sahiba overhears them.

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