Teri Meri Doriyaan 22nd February 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 22nd February 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 22nd February 2023 Written Update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyaan 22nd February 2023 episode starts with Seerat cutting her palm in front of Garry, announcing that she cannot live without him.

Garry acts concerned and hugs Seerat tight who sobs on his back. Garry tells her that he cannot reject a love like her while Seerat says they have to do something since she is getting married to Angad tomorrow but she wants to spend the rest of her life with Gary.

As Garry hugs Seerat, he smirks and asks her first to go and finish the Mehendi function.

He smiles as Seerat goes but Seerat comes back and hugs him again.

After she is gone, Garry speaks to himself that he didn’t want this wedding to happen and tomorrow will be the day when Angad will get the biggest slap of his life.

Meanwhile, Sudha and Santosh are talking about how everything is going well when suddenly, Santosh notices Seerat coming back and sees her hand bandaged.

Santosh lets out a scared shriek and asks Seerat how did it happen.

Japjyot, Manveer, and Angad, all rush to Seerat, and Angad asks the helper to bring the first aid box fast.

Seerat with eyes numb tells Santosh that a nail in the bathroom sliced her hand while one of the ladies says that Angad’s name has been removed from Seerat’s mehendi and this is considered very inauspicious.

However, Imlie from the Imlie serial comes and applies ointment on Seerat’s hand, telling everyone that when the groom’s name is etched in the bride’s heart, all these small mishaps do not matter.

Angad cares for Seerat as he tends to her wound.

Later, Imlie teases everyone by saying that she heard that Punjabis are full of batteries all day, so they shouldn’t wait to start the party,

Everyone starts to dance, including Gurleen while Angad takes Seerat’s hand in his, and dances.

However, Seerat looks visibly reluctant.

Keerat and Sahiba watch all of it from afar while one of the decorators asks Sahiba to wrap up everything quickly and not stand as if it is her sister getting married.

In the evening, Seerat looks at Garry who nods at her to do the engagement with Angad.

Everyone erupts in a loud cheer while Roshni & Chandini from the Chashni serial are invited to Angad and Seerat’s wedding.

They both dance to the Desi Girl song along with Kiara and Ekam while Keerat asks Sahiba to dance at her spot too since they should have been the ones to dance on the stage.

Everybody urges Angad and Seerat to dance now and she hesitantly goes up to the stage.

Kiara and Jasleen joke that Angad’s dance is nothing compared to Garry’s and they laugh, quoting his dialogue “Swag Hai Jat Da”. Angad, Seerat, & Garry dance to the “Maahi Ve” song while Sahiba tells Keerat that Seerat should always remain happy like this.

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