Teri Meri Doriyaan 22nd May 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 22nd May 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 22nd May 2023 Written Update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyaan 22nd May 2023 episode starts with everyone sitting in the hall, waiting for Angad's return.

Meanwhile, Gurleen gets in awe as she sees the decorations being done to the entire house and reveals to Bebe (Japjyot) that she will have Sahiba do all the decorations on her birthday too.

Bebe gets happy while Manveer tries not to smile too much. 

Gurleen praises Sahiba for being so talented and then questions Manveer about how she likes the decorations.

Manveer lightly hums and states that they are a bit simplistic to which Veer happily replies that it is going well with Angad's preference as he didn't want anything fancy this time. 

Hansraj also joins in the conversation and labels Sahiba as an amazing con artist but immediately changes it into an amazing "Kaun" artist as Sahiba's talent hasn't spread amongst people.

Jaspal scolds Hansraj while Gurleen to lighten the mood asks Sahiba what gift she has picked for Angad.

Sahiba tells everyone that since Angad doesn't expect a gift from her, she hasn't picked out anything.

This makes Japjyot comment that she doesn't like Sahiba telling everyone about how she is no one to Angad and Manveer agrees.

Daar Ji also steps in and asks Sahiba not to make her face fall but instead make it smile.

Sahiba nods and appreciates Daar Ji's encouragement.

Just then Jasleen comes there while Manveer turns her face away from her. 

At the same time, Sahiba’s family also comes with their bearing gift and Sahiba becomes happy to see them. 

Gary Comes to Brar Mansion

Rabjyot gets quite vocal in insulting them and asks who has invited them there while Angad says he has invited them to the function. 

Japjyot praises him for inviting Sahiba’s family while Angad tells her that he has also invited Gary along with them. 

Sahiba looks shocked to see Gary at home while Gary comes there looking ashamed. 

Angad’s father gets furious to see Gary and wants him gone but Angad stops him. 

He tells them that he has thought a lot about this situation and why Gary did what he did 

On being asked, Angad tells them that he wants to put everything right and wants them to approve Seerat and Gary’s marriage as a birthday gift for him. 

Just then, Kiara arrives home and is shocked to hear about Gary and Seerat’s marriage. 

Jasleen comes there and takes Kaira with her to stop her from objecting to Gary and Seerat’s marriage. 

Sahiba Takes a Stand for Seerat

After a while, Angad asks everyone why are they so quiet while Sahiba tells him that everyone’s quietness has explained what they think of his nonsense proposal. 

Angad asks everyone including Ajeet if they all think that he is wrong to bring two ruined lives and give them a second chance. 

Sahiba accuses him of showing mercy to his brother in just two days' time. 

Angad ignores Sahiba and tells everyone that Sahiba has a habit of going against them but they should think carefully what is his motive behind this proposal and then decide. 

Sahiba gets furious and tells Angad that she will not sit quietly while he plans to ruin her sister's life. 

Angad tells her that he has not given them any command but only asking them to think on this matter.

Angad also tells Ajeet to think about this proposal while Sahiba intervenes, telling Angad that she does not want her father to even listen to him. 

Jasleen Praises Angad

Just then, Jasleen comes there and tells everyone that by bringing this proposal to the table, Angad has proved how great Angad is.

She says that by this, he wants to reform his brother who can never compare to his greatness. 

However, Sahiba refuses to let Seerat sacrifice herself to keep this family together. 

Angad tells everyone to think on this matter while he talks with Sahiba alone. 

Later, Sahiba drags her feet to stop Angad and tells him that his taking her alone will not change her mind. 

However, Angad tells her to listen to him first and then decide if he is really ruining Seerat’s life. 

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