Teri Meri Doriyaan 23rd April 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 23rd April 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 23rd April 2023 Written Update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyaan 23rd April 2023 episode starts with Angad telling Manveer about the last chance he has given Sahiba to prove herself because, after this, he will show her true colours to everyone.

He informs Manveer that he went with Sahiba to only keep a check on her and did not even enter the Monga house.

While Manveer appreciates Angad as the duo agrees that the Mongas are not worthy of them.

Sahiba hearing their conversation calls out Angad for being double-faced and reprimands him for his changed attitude.

She bashes him for understanding people on their monetary value and his pretense act towards her family.

Manveer calls Sahiba responsible for ruining their life, & snooping on their conversation, and blames it on her upbringing.

Sahiba showing the kurta tells her that she came to give the clothes back and not eavesdrop on their conversation.

As she steps forward to leave, she turns back and yells at Angad for lying now and then to collect evidence against her.

Sahiba asks him if he has shared everything with Manveer including his stay in the same room, the other night in Monga's house.

Angad tries speaking but Sahiba stops him in between and reminds him about his other mask of pretense in front of his family.

Sahiba leaves the room while Angad follows her and grabs her hand to bash her about her misbehavior.

Sahiba steps aside while Angad pushes her and they land up in the washroom.

As the shower is on, Angad and Sahiba get drenched and share intense eye contact.

Sahiba tells Angad to not misbehave with her while he intentionally grabs her back to hurt her.

Angad reminds Sahiba about their marriage and asks her if she is scared of him while she tells him that she is not afraid of him but of his sick thoughts.

Sahiba tells him that no vows in the marriage give the husband a chance to misbehave with his wife.

She bashes him for considering relationships for his convenience and assures him that she will prove him wrong as she is equally frustrated with their alliance.

Meanwhile, Gurleen calls Sahiba and tells her to visit Gurudwara Sahib with Angad on the eve of Baishakhi and do Sewa as Daadi wants them to perform this ritual as a couple.

Manveer interrupts them and tells her that Sahiba isn't Angad's wife and calls Japjyot's decision to be silly.

Angad also declines the offer to do Sewa with Sahiba while Sahiba assures Gurleen that she has been doing Sewa since childhood.

As Angad asks Sahiba to stop her act, she calls him out for his different behaviour in front of his family.

Angad sneezes while Sahiba purposefully enquires about bathing in cold water, making him awkward.

The next morning, Sahiba is preparing Prasad in the kitchen while Santosh is stressed about Baishakhi’s preparation but Tayyji calms her down.

Santosh remembers Sahiba while Seerat offers to help Santosh out with the preparation but Seerat gets scolded and is asked by Santosh to undo her mistakes.

Santosh asks her to not step outside and asks her to do Sewa without any greed.

Meanwhile, Sahiba remembers Ajeet and shares her childhood stories with Suri uncle as Japjyot watches her over from the window.

Manveer calls Suriji to serve the breakfast while he informs her about Sahiba cooking the food.

Manveer finds another opportunity to bash Sahiba while Sahiba asks her to not be upset about it and have the food as she considers them her family.

Inder tells her that he never considered her his family since she is worthless for being Brar's daughter-in-law, making Jasleen smirk after seeing Sahiba getting scolded again.

Sahiba tells Inder that she will not bother them with her presence and they can celebrate their festival like they wish to.

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