Teri Meri Doriyaan 23rd February 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 23rd February 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 23rd February 2023 Written Update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyaan 23rd February 2023 episode starts with Jasleen, Gurleen, and Rabjyot announcing that two special guests have come to congratulate Angad and Seerat.

Gurleen reveals that Virat and Sai have come to congratulate Angad and Seerat which makes Angad smile wide but Seerat gives him a tight smile.

Afterward, Virat and Sai perform a romantic dance to the “Heer” song while everyone claps for them.

 Virat and Sai then congratulate Angad and Seerat on their wedding and Virat urges Angad and Seerat to always be considerate of each other’s happiness.

 When they come down the stage, Sai sees a glimpse of Sahiba so she runs to talk to her but before Angad can check what Sahiba is doing, Virat holds him back saying that he wants to meet Darji.

Sai greets Sahiba cheerfully who informs Sai that she is the sister of Seerat whose wedding is happening today.

Sai gets confused upon hearing this but before Sai can ask Sahiba about it, Sahiba diverts the topic by questioning Sai about her life.

Sai then again questions Sahiba about when she is getting married to which Sahiba replies that she wants to be a big artist before she even thinks about marriage.

At the same time, a cotton ball falls on Sahiba’s shoulder which makes Sai remember that a person told her that when this happens it means that this girl’s marriage will happen very soon.

When she tells this to Shaiba, Sahiba refuses to believe this, whereas a cotton ball also falls on Anagd’s shoulder.

Virat tells Angad that it is weird that Angad is getting married soon yet the cotton ball has fallen over his shoulder.

Meanwhile, Sai informs Sahiba that god sends people to the earth after connecting one person to another using a thread.

She even says that humans are unaware of god’s plan so she is sure Shaiba will find her soulmate soon.

However, when Sahiba throws away the cotton ball with a soft smile, it joins with Angad’s cotton ball before disappearing.

The next morning, Sahiba is decorating the flowers when she overhears Lucky yelling at someone on the call.

At the same time, a worker trips and falls due to which a joined hand statute breaks and the manager starts panicking.

Sahiba urges the manager to calm down as she can fix it and the manager gets shocked as this statute turns out to be better.

When Sahiba tells the manager that relationships are just like this statute so they need to keep the thread joined, Darji overhears it.

Darjii mutters that if he was able to join that hockey all those years ago then maybe his relationship with Inder would not be strained now.

He even tells Sahiba that her future family will be extremely delighted to have a daughter-in-law like her.

Afterward, the Haldi ceremony begins during which a ball falls into Seerat's haldi bowl resulting in a few drops of haldi falling on Sahiba's face.

Santosh starts panicking seeing this but everyone urges her to come down.

Meanwhile, Dhara joins the Brar family for the haldi ceremony saying that she has brought a special haldi from the Pandya Store, and Rabjyot and Ekam start pouring water on Angad's body as a part of the ritual.

Angad starts recalling his happy moments with Seerat whereas Seerat starts thinking about Gary when Santosh pours water over her body.

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