Teri Meri Doriyaan 24th March 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 24th March 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 24th March 2023 Written Update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyaan 24th March 2023 episode starts with Angad telling Gary that his life is ruined and he is feeling suffocated.

Gary tells him that there is only one solution to this suffocation and gives Angad alcohol. 

He tells him that he cannot forget the insult that Sahiba has bestowed on his family. 

Meanwhile, Gary tells him not to forget the insult and asks him if he will let Sahiba and Seerat go unpunished. 

In the meantime, Manveer comes to Sahiba and insults her for daring to call her Mumma. 

She tells him to not think that she deserves to be her son’s wife and wear Brar’s jewellery.

Sahiba returns the jewellery to Manveer and tells her that she is not interested in these jewels.

However, Manveer tells her she will never let her son come near her while she is alive because he does not deserve a girl like her. 

Meanwhile, Gary instigates Angad against Sahiba who keeps insulting him and turns him into a laughingstock. 

Gary tells Angad that Sahiba must be behind Seerat’s elopement to take revenge on her and has snatched his first love from him. 

On the other hand, Sahiba tells Manveer that she is not interested in things that are not hers and that Angad is the last person on the earth she will ever be interested in. 

Taking off her gold bangles, she tells Manveer to check everything so she does not accuse her of thieving at a later date. 

Manveer gets angry and tells her not to tell her what she should or should not do. 

However, Sahiba tells her that she is not telling her anything except that she will never be a part of Angad’s life as she has no interest in him. 

Sahiba also asks Manveer to promise her that Angad will do the same with her and that he will never try to force his husbandly rights on her. 

Sahiba’s questions anger Manveer and she scolds her for daring to question Angad’s honour.

Meanwhile, Gary asks Angad who he has met first Sahiba or Seerat.

Angad recalls meeting Sahiba first while Gary tells him that Sahiba is the mastermind behind all this. 

He tells Angad to punish Sahiba every day to such an extent that she remembers it till the end. 

Gary smiles seeing Angad leave thinking that Angad will definitely do something that will make Sahiba forget her seven-day challenge and she will not get the chance to expose him as well. 

Meanwhile, Manveer tells Sahiba that she does not need to worry about her son as he is very intelligent and accuses Sahiba of trying to get close to Angad and seeking his attention at every turn.

Coming out of the room, Manveer locks Sahiba from outside.

Later, Veer feels sorry for Sahiba seeing her room locked, and is about to open her latch when Angad comes to him asking him where Sahiba is. 

However, Veer tells him that he is drunk and should be resting in his room. 

Just then, Inder (Angad’s father) calls Daar Ji and tells him that thanks to him another drunkard is born in the family. 

Later, Angad comes into Sahiba's room while Sahiba asks him what is he doing here especially when he is drunk. 

However, Angad comes close to her and talks suggestively to her while Angad goes and locks the door. 

He tells Sahiba that he has come here to show him what being Angad Brar’s enemy feels like. 

He reminds Sahiba that this is what she wants and that is why she has married him so here he comes to celebrate their first night.

Sahiba gets worried at Angad’s closeness and struggles to get away from him and finally pushes him on the floor, telling him to let his family witness his behaviour.

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