Teri Meri Doriyaan 26th May 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 26th May 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 26th May 2023 Written Update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyaan 26th May 2023 episode starts with Seerat telling Angad that she believes him the most even more than trusting Sahiba.

She asks Angad to keep her decision to himself only.

Angad tells Seerat that she can be rest assured that he isn’t going to share her decision with anyone.

He tells Seerat that she will never regret her decision to marry Garry in her life. 

Further, he tells Seerat to get her family to the Brar Mansion to fix the wedding.

Meanwhile, Sahiba receives a call for work and tells Keerat and Kulcha to take care of the shop till she gets the work done.

In the meantime, Garry is spending quality time with Sara and tells her that his family is going to take him back into the family and business with the utmost dignity.

Garry gets nervous as there’s a knock on the door and asks Sara to hide.

He gets shocked on finding Jasleen and Kiara at the doorstep and Kiara congratulates Garry on his wedding with Seerat and makes fun of Sahiba.

Garry tells Jasleen that she should not have done these things in a hurry.

However, Jasleen tells her kids that she visited Monga’s to secure their future.

Garry tells Jasleen that she should have pointed her gun at Sahiba the other day despite him and there would have been no issue after that.

On the other hand, Sahiba is working in Mrs Sahni’s shop where Mrs Bhalla captures a picture of her and sends it to Kiara.

In the meantime, Kiara shows the picture to Jasleen and calls Sahiba disgusting.

Jasleen tells Kiara to put the picture on the family group and rush back to Brar Mansion to enjoy the drama.

Meanwhile, in the Brar Mansion, Indar creates a ruckus regarding Sahiba’s picture leaving everyone shocked.

He calls out Akaal for choosing Sahiba and working on the road and maligning Brar’s name without even considering their esteem in society.

Akaal tells Indar that Angad promised him for Sahiba not stepping out of the Brar Mansion to work.

Jasleen joins in and taunts Indar and Manveer for letting Sahiba do as her heart wants.

Agitated Indar calls out Akaal’s change of heart concerning Sahiba who has changed his rules and regulations.

Indar warns Jasleen to not step into his matters as he can handle his issues on his own.

Meanwhile, Jasleen tells Akaal that his soft demeanor towards Sahiba has made Sahiba unbothered with the family name.

Akaal asks Manveer to get Sahiba at the earliest back into the home.

Further, Manveer calls Sahiba and she ends up cutting the call because her phone gets dead.

A furious Manveer calls Angad and asks him to return home as soon as possible as Daarji wants to speak to him.

Meanwhile, Sahiba returns to her shop and tells Keerat that she is so happy to return to her creative space.

Keerat tells Sahiba that she is excited to see her joyful after a long time.

Further, Sahiba receives a call from Manveer and is ordered to visit Brar Mansion.

Just then, Angad reaches his house and gets worried seeing everyone stressed in the hall and asks about the problem.

Sahiba also joins the family and gets concerned seeing the family waiting for her.

Akaal tells Sahiba that he has made sure that the Brar family works on a set of rules and regulations and states that her mistakes will not be tolerated in this family.

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