Teri Meri Doriyaan 28th February 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 28th February 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 28th February 2023 Written Update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyaan 28th February 2023 episode starts with Santosh telling Sahiba that if she does not leave the room as a bride in just 5 minutes, everything will crumble into pieces.

As Santosh starts sobbing again, Sahiba urges her to drink a glass of water and says that Santosh is her strong mother.

Sahiba hugs Santosh to calm her who in return orders Sahiba to call Keerat to know if she has found Seerat.

Meanwhile, Keerat is roaming the streets, feeling helpless as no one can tell her whether they have seen Seerat.

She angrily mutters that if she was in Ludhiana, she would have dragged Seerat to the mandap in just 5 minutes.

When Keerat gets a call from Sahiba, she takes a long breath before picking it up and informs Sahiba that she has not found Seerat anywhere.

This makes Sahiba anxious and she urges Keerat to find Seerat as soon as possible.

Keerat tries to change Sahiba’s mind by saying that she will find Seerat very soon so there is no need for Sahiba to sacrifice.

Without saying anything more, Sahiba cuts the call and when she notices the helpless look on Santosh’s face, she agrees to become the bride.

As she walks toward Santosh slowly, she recalls Jasleen humiliating Santosh and Santosh begging Jasleen not to destroy her reputation anymore.

Sahiba puts her head on Santosh’s lap while silent tears escape her eyes and Santosh questions Sahiba if she will become the bride.

While Sahiba stares at herself in the mirror with a look of despair on her face, Santosh starts dressing her up.

Sahiba thinks that in her life she has always hated lying but now, she is going to fool everyone and before Santosh takes Sahiba away, she wraps a bandage around her wrist to make it appear it is Seerat.

On the other hand, in the wedding venue, the Brar family grows even more anxious as Seerat has not come yet whereas the reporter tells her audience that she will keep them updated about Angad's wedding.

As Angad decides to check on Seerat, Ajeet stops him by saying that it will look inappropriate of him and Inder informs Manveer that now, he is unsure whether this marriage will happen or not.

Manveer gets shocked after hearing such a thing but Inder announces that everyone is thinking the same thing and he has just voiced out this.

However, a big smile appears on everyone's faces as Santosh brings Sahiba whom they assumes is Seerat.

When Manveer questions Santosh why Seerat is hiding her face, Santosh lies that it is a tradition of theirs to not let anyone see the bride's face before the sindur ritual.

Jasleen also orders everyone to not make fun of someone's tradition and Manveer questions Santosh about why they are late.

In reply, Santosh conjure up another lie that she burned an area of Seerat's lehenga so she was tending to it.

On the other hand, during the drive, Seerat orders Gary to stop the car as she has found a Gurdwara where they can get married but Gary reveals to her that he will not marry her, shocking Seerat.

Back in the venue, Ajeet takes Sahiba's hand to lead her to the mandap but stops abruptly as he realizes it is Sahiba and he confronts Santosh about it.

Meanwhile, the reporter feels disappointed as the bride has arrived and curses Gary for the wrong information.

Later, as Santosh reveals that Seerat has run away, Ajeet announces that he will not let Sahiba sacrifice herself.

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