Teri Meri Doriyaan 29th April 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 29th April 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 29th April 2023 Written Update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyaan 29th April 2023 episode starts with a broken Angad bashing Garry for not being his brother but an enemy to him.

He tells him that Sahiba was right all along but he never trusted her and blamed her now and then.

However, Garry, takes the situation into his hands by manipulating Angad against Sahiba.

He shed a few crocodile tears to make Angad regret slapping him as he tries fooling him emotionally.

Garry calls Sahiba a liar and tells Angad to be not get flattered by his wife and illusioned by her white lies.

An irked Sahiba warns Garry to mind his words before speaking ill against her and tells him to not brainwash Angad as he already knows the truth.

However, Garry tells Sahiba to not interfere in between and reminds Angad about his standards and the kinds of girls he is into.

Frustrated with his actions, Angad asks Garry about his meeting with Seerat.

Seeing Angad doubt the situation, Garry takes full advantage of bending the situation in his favour and shows his call records of Seerat calling him and persisting him to marry her.

Further, Sahiba is shocked to see a cunning Garry cooking a story against the Monga sisters as he tells Angad about their trap in trapping rich boys.

Angad’s facial expressions clearly show Garry’s successful manipulation putting Sahiba in a weak spot.

Garry tells Angad that he can prove himself right and innocent as he was forced by Seerat to visit the Gurudwara.

Shocked by Garry’s manipulative words, Sahiba asks Angad to not become an emotional fool and think wisely.

Garry taking advantage of phone calls and texts in his favour plants doubt in Angad's brain and puts him in a dilemma.

Sahiba, sensing the situation drifting away from her tells Angad to not put her into the court yet again and blame her for everything.

However, Angad tells Sahiba that he cannot trust her completely as of now and tells her that her evidence is not completely supporting her allegations against Garry.

Sahiba puts all her efforts into making Angad realise the truth and tells him that Garry has not only cheated him but is also responsible for Seerat committing suicide.

Garry tells Sahiba to not manipulate his brother but Sahiba answers him sternly that Angad is not only his brother but her husband as well.

Angad is stunned to see Sahiba taking command of her relationship with him and warning Garry to not intervene between husband and wife.

Confused Angad asks them to cut the drama as he cannot believe everything and questions Seerat for not telling him about the boy she eloped with.

He tells them that he cannot put Garry responsible for everything till Seerat, herself tells him the truth.

A cunning Garry smirks seeing Angad taking his side and favouring him.

Back in the Monga house, Seerat contemplates her action of running away from Gurudwara and gets nervous thinking about the situation there.

Meanwhile, Santosh taunts Seerat and enquires about Keerat and asks her about her new mistake as she reads a nervous Seerat.

On the other hand, disheartened by Angad’s words, Sahiba tells him that if the evidence is not enough for him even now, then she cannot do anything.

She leaves the situation to Seerat to disclose the secret.

Garry tells Angad to not give Sahiba another chance as she is trying to fool him again but Angad agrees to Sahiba to let Seerat clear the air now.

Further, Angad tells Sahiba that he is giving a last chance to her as the seven days are still left and warns her for coming clean.

Sahiba appreciates Angad for trusting her for the first time as he still wants to seek answers to his questions.

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