Teri Meri Doriyaan 2nd August 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 2nd August 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 2nd August 2023 Written Update: TMD written update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyaan 2nd August 2023 episode starts with Simran telling herself that she needs to surprise Angad to change his grumpy mood but she has to do it sneakily.

As she puts the sandwich in the sandwich grill, she turns on the switch which in turn backfires because it catches fire.

The electricity of the whole Brar mansion goes out due to this and Angad hears Simran’s scream so he runs to check on her.

When he opens the kitchen door, he gets surprised to find Simran standing in the middle of the room who rushes to hug Angad.

Angad just stands there in shock as Simran keeps hugging him excitedly while Sahiba also appears at the door.

Sahiba tries to put Angad’s stiff hand over Simran’s back but Angad jerks his hand away which comes as a big surprise for Sahiba.

At the same time, Manveer and Inder also arrive in the kitchen and Inder worriedly asks Simran if she is okay or not.

Angad scolds Simran for arriving in the kitchen alone and he also advises Simran to ask Sahiba from now on if she needs anything to eat.

Simran finally explains that she wanted to make a sandwich for Angad since Angad has not eaten during the whole day.

As Inder takes Simran away, Simran urges Manveer to feed Angad properly while Manveer looks at her very stiffly.

Afterward, Angad enters Daarji’s room and he tells Daarji that he is feeling very confused about this whole situation.

Angad explains that when he first met Simran, he felt an instant connection with her but now since he knows Simran’s history, he cannot find it in his heart to love Simran anymore.

Daarji puts a hand over Angad’s shoulder to calm him, explaining that if Simran was Manveer’s daughter then everyone would have adored her.

He announces that Simran is Inder’s illegitimate daughter so now they cannot give Simran the Brar family name otherwise their family reputation will be ruined.

The next day, Sahiba tries to have a conversation with everyone during the breakfast table when Manveer announces that she has called Mr. Dhillo, an orphanage person.

She tells everyone that she has decided that Simran cannot live with them anymore while Sahiba pleads with her to understand that Simran is just a little child.

Manveer even starts doing Gayatri’s character assassination by saying that Gayatri should have known better instead of having an illegitimate relationship with a married man and becoming a single mother.

Sahiba tries to change Manveer and Angad’s minds regarding Simran’s situation while Inder also pleads with Manveer not to punish Simran.

Feeling agitated by Inder’s love for Simran, Angad questions him if he wants Manveer and he starts living away from Inder.

Inder does not say anything as Angad constantly orders him to confess if he does not want them to be around.

Japjyot then urges Angad not to think about breaking the family because of Inder's actions and Angad replies defeatedly that his wife and his dad are pushing him to take this kind of decision.

Seerat also keeps supporting Angad and Manveer in these decisions which annoys Sahiba but she chooses to ignore Seerat's nonsense.

Meanwhile, Simran overhears this conversation from a distance and she herself packs her stuff in the bag.

At the same time, teddy arrives at the Brar mansion which Angad has ordered for Simran but Angad just throws it away which gets picked up by Simran.

When she arrives at the door, she tells Sahiba that she knows Manveer does not want her here so now she will leave for the orphanage.

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