Teri Meri Doriyaan 2nd February 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 2nd February 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 2nd February 2023 Written Update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyaan 2nd February 2023 episode starts with Ajeet and Seerat returning to their house as Seerat is full of excitement and hugs Santosh.

However, Santosh does not show any interest as her mind is already occupied with what happened at the Brar's she cannot let them come to her small house.

Ajeet asks Santosh the reason for being so uninterested and upset and she blames everything on him.

Seerat questions Santosh if the Brar's declined the proposal or not.

However, Santosh ignores her words and stands up in rage to question Ajeet.

Santosh embarrasses Ajeet by calling him "the knowledge book" and also talks about his self-confidence being important to him rather than his daughter.

Tayji ji interrupts the argument and asks Santosh to calm down.

However, Santosh talks about the "syaapa" (trouble) that happened since Ajeet didn't go with her to Brar mansion due to which the family doubts her and would only finalize the alliance by visiting their house.

Santosh tells Ajeet that it is only due to him, that the Brar's questioned her.

She also tells Seerat that the Brar's chose her for her beauty but they can lag behind due to their financial condition. 

However, Santosh firmly decides on Seerat's wedding with Angad at any cost and tells Ajeet that she would steal, beg or do everything else to make things work.

Meanwhile, Sahiba enters the home and opposes Seerat's wedding with Angad.

Santosh questions her about it while Seerat also questions Sahiba if she's jealous about Seerat getting married to a royal family.

Sahiba clarifies Santosh and Seerat's questions by asking Keerat to come downstairs and show her the injury that happened due to Seerat's date with Angad.

Ajeet gets shocked seeing Keerat's injured head and asks Sahiba about the incident.

Meanwhile, Seerat covers up the topic by blaming Keerat for being the leader in the fight and telling Ajeet that if Garry did not come to save her, then the scenario might be different today.

Keerat calls Seerat a selfish woman who only thinks of greediness and richness while Sahiba tells Seerat that money has turned her blind completely.

Santosh loses her patience and asks Seerat to over the conversation as Sahiba and Ajeet do not know how much value money holds as it levels up a person.

She elaborates to Ajeet and Sahiba about their financial condition of making survival by selling "Chole Kulche" and running the handicraft shop.

Santosh firmly decides that Seerat will get married to Angad and if Sahiba and Ajeet do not help her, then she would beg her sister, Sudha, to furnish her needs.

Ajeet opposes Santosh asking for Sudha's help since she never looked back to Santosh and also questions whether a royal life is more important than heart connections.

Being the eldest member of the house, Ajeet will not let Santosh take the help of Sudha while Sahiba and Tayi ji supports him by explaining to Santosh that no relationship can stand in the queue of lies.

Meanwhile, in Brar's house, Angad gets enraged due to Sahiba questioning his individuality.

He decides to take revenge as Sahiba ruined his memorable evening.

Moreover, Angad realizes the difference between Sahiba and Seerat as one is arrogant and uncouth while the other is noble and well-mannered, respectively.

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