Teri Meri Doriyaan 2nd May 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 2nd May 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 2nd May 2023 Written Update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyaan 2nd May 2023 episode starts with Jasleen making a nasty comment to Manveer about Sahiba but Pamela makes the situation lighter by apologising to Sahiba as she misunderstood her.

Sahiba tells her to not seek her forgiveness as she is not at fault since nobody cleared her doubts but feels bad for having a simplistic lifestyle.

However, Pamela compliments Sahiba for being a beautiful person and feels that Angad and her alliance is one made from the Babaji’s blessings.

In the meantime, Manveer asks Sahiba to leave if she is done talking and she goes to the kitchen to make snacks for the guests.

Meanwhile, Angad comes to the kitchen and pushes Sahiba towards the fridge, holding her hand and taunting her for embarrassing Manveer.

He tells Sahiba to not cook in the kitchen but Sahiba puts the onus of the conversation in the hall on him.

She purposefully asks Angad about what he is doing in the kitchen and handovers her the spoon to cook and is about to leave but he stops her in between asking her to complete her work.

However, Angad tells Sahiba that he is keeping an eye on her but she tells him to keep an eye on Garry and not her as that might help him with the truth.

Further, Sahiba screams in pain while Angad runs to her to check her wound and gets the ice pack for her.

He puts the icepack on her wound and asks her to tolerate little pain as he caresses her wound lovingly while they lock their eyes with each other.

Gurleen feels happy seeing them together lost in each other and blesses them.

On the other hand, Japjyot blesses Pamela and Shanaya and embraces them lovingly.

Pamela proposes Shanaya’s wedding alliance with Garry, making everyone beam with happiness.

Jasleen tells Pamela that she feels Shanaya and Garry are made for each other and Pamela hugs her joyfully while Shanaya blushes standing in a corner.

She assures Garry’s agreement with the wedding while Garry tells them that whatever the elders decide for him he will do as it is.

Further, Angad and Sahiba join the family in the hall where Jasleen informs them about Garry’s matrimonial alliance with Shanaya and asks Sahiba to get the sweets.

Meanwhile, Manveer asks Pamela about Shanaya’s father but Jasleen interrupts her in between and tells her that they must have decided about the alliance together.

Further, Sahiba takes the sweet and feeds Garry forcibly while Seerat repeatedly keeps calling him.

However, Manveer is nostalgic as she feels like Angad has grown up within the purview of responsibilities and has lost his childhood in all this.

In the meantime, Shanaya asks everyone for permission to go out with Garry as she has come to India after a long while.

Meanwhile, Garry is irked by Seerat’s continuous phone calls and goes to the balcony to answer them and scolds Seerat for behaving like a maniac.

However, Seerat bashes Garry for not taking her calls and warns him to meet her around 4 without any drama.

She tells him about the wedding proposal by Kohli and warns him to meet her, otherwise, she will disclose the secret to the Brar family while Sahiba overhears their conversation.

Further, finding the chance to escape from the Monga house, Seerat sees Santosh working in the kitchen and asks her to rest while she does the kitchen chores.

As Santosh leaves for her room to rest on Seerat's insistence, she seeks the opportunity and rushes to Green Garden.

Back in the Brar Mansion, Sahiba asks Veer for covering up for her as she is going out for finding evidence against the boy Seerat eloped with.

Veer assures her support to Sahiba for clearing misunderstandings between her and Angad.

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