Teri Meri Doriyaan 30th July 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 30th July 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 30th July 2023 Written Update: TMD written update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyaan 30th July 2023 episode starts with Angad warning Inder not to come near Manveer at all.

Angad's warning to Inder

Angad yells that Inder has betrayed Manveer by breaking her trust so he should stay away while Inder pleads with Angad to let him talk to Manveer.

At the same time, Simran arrives there looking excited but her smile vanishes as soon as she notices Angad yelling at Inder.

She questions Angad about why he is shouting at Inder as he is a very nice uncle who found her mother's locket.

Angad looks at Simran, shaking in anger when Sahiba urges Simran to play with Veer who takes her with him.

After Simran walks away, Angad goes to hold Manveer by her arm as Manveer looks tired with her shoulders hunched.

He jerks Sahiba’s hand away when Sahiba puts her hand on Angad’s shoulder to give emotional support.

Sahiba softly reminds Angad that he considers Simran like a sister but frustrated Angad announces that Simran is just the illegitimate daughter of Inder.

Just then, Daar Ji accuses Inder of breaking everyone’s trust due to his resentment and Japjyot also shouts that she always thought Inder is just upset with them yet it turned out that Inder has betrayed them.

Hearing the accusations, Inder lowers his head in shame.

Meanwhile, Manveer orders Angad to leave her alone when they arrive in front of her room but Angad says that he cannot let Manveer deal with all this alone.

He then makes Manveer sit on a couch and offers a glass of water which she throws away.

She claims that today she is feeling like a second woman in Inder’s life because he has shown her that he never loved her at all.

As she starts sobbing, Japjyot and Daarji walk in.

Daarji tells Manveer that he can understand what Manveer is going through while Japjyot announces that they are going support Manveer through this.

With tears blurring her vision, Manveer begs Angad to send Simran away as she cannot bear to see Simran roam around.

Hearing this, Angad questions everyone why they never told him anything and Manveer replies that she never wanted Angad to suffer.

The reunion

On the other hand, Inder is about to drive away when Sahiba stops him, asking him if he is going to abandon Simran again.

Inder replies that no one wants to see his face at all and that he is unlucky for not being able to spend his time with his daughter in a melancholic voice.

Sahiba, however, shows Inder the mirror by reminding him that his actions have caused Manveer, Angad, and Simran pain.

However, it is time for Inder to reveal the truth to Simran now.

This is the encouragement that Inder needed so he excitedly agrees to meet Simran.

Later, Sahiba sits with Simran in the lounge while Simran shows Sahiba the drawing which includes Angad, Simran, and her father.

Simran even innocently urges Sahiba to let her visit Manveer because she can cure her with a magic hug.

Sahiba stops Simran and requests Simran to wait as her father has come to meet her and Inder arrives there with tears streaming down his cheeks.

He falls in front of Simran and pulls her in a hug, he gets filled with gratitude for reuniting with his daughter.

Inder looks very torn between happiness and guilt after he frees Simran and Simran excitedly runs to hug Angad because he is her real brother now.

However, Angad pushes Simran away when he sees her, claiming that he is not her brother in a very angry voice.

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