Teri Meri Doriyaan 30th March 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 30th March 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 30th March 2023 Written Update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyaan 30th March 2023 episode starts with Seerat yelling in frustration that she knows they cannot tell their parents about them but at least, Gary can shift her to a better place.

Gary calms Seerat down by saying that he will do something in such a sugary voice that Seerat again melts.

At the same time, Gary gets a call from Jasleen, and he does not pick up the video call which infuriates Jasleen who is getting nail art in the Brar mansion and she calls him once again.

Gary picks up the video call this time in panic while making sure that camera is not facing Seerat who is sitting on the bed.

Just then, Seerat calls out to Gary, making him more nervous and he turns the camera again before Jasleen can see Seerat’s face.

Jasleen furiously orders Gary to show her the girl’s face he is with since she is the one who has brought Gary into the world so Gary should not try to over-smart her.

However,  Gary just cuts the call.

He then scolds Seerat for disturbing his important call, causing Seerat to feel upset.

At Brar’s mansion, Veer quickly puts Keerat’s mustache in its place as he finds Gurleen eyeing Keerat suspiciously.

In an attempt to save Keerat’s identity, Veer indirectly jokes about her anger while he informs Gurleen that this PT teacher is weird because he lacks brain.

Gurleen does not dwell on the thought of Keerat any longer as Rabjyot refuses to believe that Sahiba has done all the decorations.

Daar Ji urges Gurleen to bring Angad here for the Bhajan who is busy tracking Seerat down.

At first, Angad does not respond when Gurleen asks him to come with her but when Sahiba’s musical vocals fill the whole house, he is unable to stop himself from moving.

He feels as if Sahiba’s melodious voice is pulling him toward the storeroom since it has put him at ease and he starts walking in trance.

In the storeroom, Sahiba is singing the song sitting in front of Guru Sahib’s picture with Veer by her side to play the harmonium when Angad enters which surprises everyone.

Angad goes to sit by Sahiba’s side with an expression of awe on his face while he gazes at Sahiba’s singing.

Once the bhajan is done, Sahiba and Angad both lower their head at the same time to take the blessing of Guru Sahib.

However, Angad’s expression changes into irritation when his eyes meet Sahiba’s but as Angad starts waking away, Daar Ji stops him by saying that he knows Angad has not come merely at his command.

Prince, Rabjyot’s son asks Sahiba to explain the meaning of Angad’s name and Sahiba tells him that it means a part of the body.

With a beaming smile, Prince says that Sahiba is now a part of Angad while Angad stares at Sahiba silently.

Meanwhile, on one hand, Gary wins Seerat over by offering Chinese food while Jasleen mutters angrily that she will not let Gary marry just any girl.

Coming back to Angad, he arrogantly orders Sahiba to keep the prashad for him as he will return to eat after he meets Seerat today which makes Sahiba panic since she is worried about Angad's anger.

Later, as Angad walks toward the guest house, Gary and he does not come face to face due to traffic.

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