Teri Meri Doriyaan 3rd April 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 3rd April 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 3rd April 2023 Written Update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyaan 3rd April 2023 episode starts with Manveer telling Angad that if he crosses the threshold with Sahiba,l then she will leave the house for always.

As Manveer stops talking, Sahiba also urges Angad to cancel their tour since she does not want to do anything against Manveer’s will.

Sahiba starts walking away but Angad holds her hand saying that he will fulfill his promise to Sahiba at any cost.

Looking at Angad holding Sahiba’s hand, Manveer stumbles on her feet and everyone comes forward to hold her.

As Gurleen and Veer make Manveer sit on the couch, Manveer just glares at Sahiba with tears in her eyes.

Angad promises himself that once he finds out about Seerat’s identity, he will teach Sahiba a lesson about Manveer’s condition.

On the other hand, Keerat and Santosh are busy cleaning the house for Sahiba and Angad’s arrival.

Santosh suddenly goes to pick up the cosmetics from the table when Seerat’s smiling face flashes before her, filling her with rage and she decides to throw the products.

As Santosh is walking in anger, Ajeet grabs her arms to calm her down and he urges her to not turn her anger into hatred for Seerat.

Ajeet urges Santosh to be happy for Sahiba’s sake since Sahiba will miserable if she notices Santosh crying and Santosh wipes off her tears.

Meanwhile, Angad’s driver informs Angad and Sahiba that they need to walk since their car cannot go anymore and Angad gets out of the car reluctantly.

Angad and Sahiba start walking toward Monga’s house during which Sahiba keeps glancing at Angad as Angad is having a hard time adjusting to the dirt and smell of Shimlapuri.

They arrive at the entrance of the Monga house when Keerat opens the door and she jumps into Sahiba’s arms as she eyes Angad angrily.

Ajeet greets Angad with his hands joined and Angad just joins his hands in reply without any hint of a smile.

Arriving there just then, Tayaji pours some oil near the edges of the entrance, asking Angad and Sahiba to enter the home with their hands joined.

Angad reluctantly holds Sahiba’s hand causing Keerat to look shocked and Angad just keeps a grim look on his face.

After they enter the Monga house, Sahiba looks around with nostalgia.

In contrast, Angad is busy looking around with a suspicious gaze as he is hundred percent sure that Seerat is here.

However, Santosh just watches Angad and Sahiba chit-chatting with other family members from behind a door feeling miserable for not being able to meet Sahiba.

Meanwhile, Seerat is walking on the road with her head down as she cannot deal with the heat any longer and she gets a call from Gary who reveals that Sahiba has hired some detectives to find out about Gary's connection with Seerat.

Seerat fumes in anger upon hearing this and Gary also tells her that she cannot go home as Angad and Sahiba have gone there for the "Pag Phera" ritual.

As Jasleen suddenly appears behind Gary, Gary quickly cuts the call and informs Jasleen that he was talking to a friend whereas Seerat decides to go return to Monga's house to reveal to everyone how Sahiba has betrayed her.

Back in Monga's house, Sahiba notices Angad sweating profoundly so she turns on the fan while telling Angad that if he wants to go then, she will not stop.

Sahiba then takes Ajeet aside to ask him why Santosh is not coming while Angad thinks to himself that once he learns the truth, he will not take Sahiba back home.

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