Teri Meri Doriyaan 3rd June 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 3rd June 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 3rd June 2023 Written Update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyaan 3rd June 2023 episode starts with Sahiba receiving a call from Ajeet and assuring him that she will do everything to arrange the money for Chawla’s loan and get their house back from the mortgage.

However, Ajeet gets speechless seeing Santosh preparing food for Nanak- jahaj and informs Sahiba of the same.

Keerat and Ajeet tell Santosh to stop pretending after trading off everything.

Further, Keerat walks to the entrance as they hear a knock on the door and gets shocked to find Angad there.

Meanwhile, Seerat realises that Garry has been outdoors all night.

Just then, Garry walks in and Seerat bombards him with questions about being out.

Garry tells Seerat to have space and privacy so that they do not involve any third person in their relationship.

As Garry lies down to sleep, Seerat questions him if they’re going to mend their relationship by having distance between them but receives no answer to her questions.

Meanwhile, Angad asks Santosh and Ajeet to not worry as he is only there to sort out a few things and asks them to keep the conversation to themselves.

Further, Keerat calls Sahiba to inform her about Angad’s visit to Monga's house.

Keerat tells Sahiba that Angad is talking to Ajeet and Santosh maintaining the secrecy of the conversation.

At the Brar house, Seerat gets ready but her dupatta gets stuck in her bangles, and asks Garry to help her.

However, Garry pulls the dupatta with force resulting in hurting Seerat.

Seerat walks out of the room and finds Sahiba walking in a rage of anger in the foyer.

Further, Seerat asks Sahiba the reason for her anger and Sahiba tells Seerat that Angad has visited Monga's without informing her and leaves from there.

Just then, Gurpreet informs Serat about her first Rasoi ritual post-wedding.

Jasleen joins Seerat and Gurleen and asks Seerat to come along with her.

Back at the Monga house, Angad tells Santosh that he knows that their house has been kept as collateral.

Before Santosh and Ajeet could say something, Angad asks them to let him finish and gets a cheque from his pocket.

He offers the cheque and asks them to accept the money to get their house back while Keerat eavesdrop on their conversation.

A hesitant Ajeet folds his hands together and refuses to take the cheque from Angad.

Ajeet tells Angad that they can handle the pressure from Chawla but cannot deal with the pressure of taking money from their son-in-law.

At the Brar Mansion, Jasleen gets cloth for Seerat to upgrade her wardrobe and asks Seerat to follow her advice and orders religiously.

Seerat gets ready wearing Jasleen’s gifted dress and jewellery.

Jasleen tells Seerat that she should get acquainted to wear these expensive and beautiful outfits as it will make family members happy as well.

Further, Jasleen asks Seerat to make something delicious for the family for her first rasoi.

However, Seerat lowering her eyes mumbles to herself that she does not know how to cook except for tea.

On the other hand, Angad requests Ajeet to take his help considering him as his family member without bowing down to societal norms.

Santosh tells Angad that they have got into the problem because of their mistake and assures him of solving it on their own.

Angad tells Santosh that the loan is going to impact their health and reputation turning to degrade Brar’s dignity in society as well.

Just then, Sahiba walks in and gets shocked hearing Angad advocating his respect over their problems.

Sahiba tells her family to not get trapped in Angad's web of words and taunts Angad for thinking about his dignity over her family’s problem.

Further, Sahiba snatches the cheque and tears it into bits and pieces telling Angad that he cannot buy the self-respect of her and her family.

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