Teri Meri Doriyaan 4th February 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 4th February 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 4th February 2023 Written Update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyaan 4th February 2023 episode starts with Seerat ordering several expensive foods to Sudha’s house when Keerat snatches the phone from her. 

Keerat asks her who will make the payments for these extensive meals while Seerat tells her that Sahiba will take care of the payments. 

Sahiba looks surprised and tells Seerat that she does not have money and she has already prepared food for the Brars. 

Seerat is not happy to see the Punjabi traditional food and complains to Santosh. 

However, Santosh tells her to order something for herself if she does not like it. 

Santosh tells Sahiba that she has booked a car for the whole day whose payment Sahiba will pay for. 

Keerat argues with Santosh for spending Sahiba's money recklessly and then asks Sahiba why is she so lenient with them without realizing how much she works hard to earn this money. 

Sahiba tells her that Seerat and Santosh are their loved ones and their happiness means a lot to her. 

She tells her if spending money makes them happy then let them and she will manage somehow. 

Meanwhile, Bebe tells Manveer and Gurleen that they both look beautiful and prays that Angad's proposal gets accepted. 

Jaspal tells everyone that there is a promotional event also lined up today while Jasleen asks Angad what is more important to him, his work or his relationship. 

Angad chooses work but Gary and Veer say that they will look after the event and he should focus on his proposal. 

Angad agrees after some hesitation while Bebe prays to always keep the love between brothers alive. 

Meanwhile, Seerat and Santosh get into the cab and ask Sahiba and Ajeet to follow them in the auto. 

Sahiba tells Santosh that she will not be coming as Angad hates her and if he gets to know that she is Seerat's sister, he might not agree to marry Seerat Di then.

Seerat gets worried and tells Santosh to leave Sahiba behind.

Keerat protests at Santosh’s behavior but Sahiba stops her and sends her to pack things to be sent with the autorickshaw driver. 

Meanwhile, Jasleen talks to her maid, saying that Santosh is a combination of wicked and stupid, and if all goes well, then Seerat will forever be under her thumb.

Meanwhile, Gary and Veer ask Angad about his date which makes him recall his meeting with Sahiba.

Gary teases Angad by asking if his date was a success or did some other dashing dude won over Seerat’s heart. 

Angad finds the teasing distasteful and goes away.

Meanwhile, Santosh and Seerat arrive at Sudha’s house and gets impressed.

Sudha comes there and complains to Santosh about not coming to her before today. 

Meanwhile, Angad tells Manveer that he likes Seerat but he will respect whatever her decision will be. 

Just then, Jaspal tells them that the cars are ready to leave and Jasleen offers to come with Angad and tells Manveer to go ahead in another car. 

Angad goes to get ready while Garry thinks wickedly that Seerat does not care for Angad anymore as she has eyes on someone more handsome and dashing than him.

Meanwhile, Sudha asks Santosh why she never contacted her before despite her several messages. 

Santosh tells her that her circumstances stopped her as she did not want to look greedy in her sister's eyes.

Meanwhile, Keerat tells Sahiba that she is making deliveries on a bike which worries Sahiba and she instructs her to be careful.

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